25+ Most Important SFD and BMD Conclusions

SFD and BMD Conclusions

25 Important points of SFD and BMD

Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram 

1. Horizontal Reaction at any support= Height of ALD [Vice Versa]
2. Vertical Reaction at any support= Height of SFD [Vice Versa]
3. Moment Reaction at any support= Height of BMD [Vice Versa]
4. At simple support, SF≠0 BM=0 
5. At Fixed Support, SF≠0, BM≠0

6. In Presence of Concentrated point load sudden change in Shear force takes place.
7. In presence of concentrated moment, sudden change in Bending moment takes place.
8. Between two concentrated point loads, SF=Constant
[SFD= Horizontal Line]
9. Between two Concentrated moments, SF=0 and BM= Constant [BMD= Horizontal Line]

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SFD & BMD Conclusion Note

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