RRB JE Exam Held ON 14-12-2014 PAPER CODE- RED [TSD001114] (Part-1)

RRB JE Exam Held ON 14-12-2014

1. When we open an internet site, we see ‘www’ What is the full form of ‘www’?
A. World Wide Web
B. World Wide Word
C. Words Wise Web
D. None of these
Answer: A


2. The length of the two trains is 140 m and 160 m respectively. If they run at the speed of 60km/h and 40km/h respectively in opposite directions on parallel tracks, the find the time in which they will cross each other.
A. 10 sec
B. 10.8 sec
C. 9 sec
D. 9.6 sec
Answer: B

3. Transformer cores are laminated in order to :
A. Minimise eddy current loss
B. Reduce cost
C. Simplify its Constructions
D. None of these
Answer: A

4. Strain Gauge is used to convert:
A. Force into displacement
B. Mechanical displacement into the change in resistance
C. Electric current into Mechanical displacement
D. Sound Energy into Electric Energy
Answer: B

5. If an object lies in the third quadrant, its position with respect to reference planes will be:
A. In front of C.P., Above H.P
B. Behind V.P., Above H.P
C. In front of V.P., Below H.P
D. Behind V.P., Below H.P
Answer: D

6. The speed of sound in air is approximately equal to:
A. 3 X 108 m/sec
B. 330 m/sec
C. 5000 m/sec
D. 1500 m/sec
Answer: B

7. When Ram and Mohan work together, they complete a work in 4days. If Ram alone can complete this work in 12days then in how many days Mohan alone can complete this work?
A. 10 days
B. 8 days
C. 6 days
D. 16 days
Answer: C

8. What of the following is a prime number?
A. 33
B. 87
C. 93
D. 97
Answer: D

9. Find the missing term of the following series :
1. 4, 27, 16, ___, 36, 343
A. 25
B. 216
C. 64
D. 125
Answer: D

10. Which country won the FIFA world cup, 2014 in Football?
A. Germany
B. Argentina
C. Brazil
D. France
Answer: A

11. The slenderness ratio of a compression member is :
A. Effective length/Least radius of gyration
B. Actual length/Moment of inertia
C. Moment of inertia/Actual length
D. Actual length/Radius of gyration
Answer: A

12. Who is the speaker of the present Lok Sabha? (As on 01.11.2014)
A. Smt. Sumitra Mahajan
B. Smt. Sushma Swaraj
C. Smt. Meira Kumar
D. None of these
Answer: A

13 The value of binary 1111 is :
A. 22
B. 23-1
C. 22
D. 24-1
Answer: D

14. Who is the winner of Men's Singles Title in Tennis in US open, 2014?
A. Roger Federer
B. Kei Nishikori
C. Marin Cilic
D. Rafael Nadal
Answer: C

15. In which of the following movement did Gandhiji make the firest use of Hunger Strike as a weapon?
A. Ahmedabad strike 1918
B. Rowlatt Satyagraha, 1919
C. Swadeshi Movement, 1905
D. Champaran Satyagraha, 1917
Answer: A

16. Who wrote the book “Not Just An Accountant” published recently?
A. P.C. Parakh
B. Sanjay Baru
C. Vinod Rai
D. Natwar Singh
Answer: C

17. The length of a bar is L metres. It extends by 2mm when a tensile force F is applied. Find the strain produced in the bar:
A. 0.002/L
B. 2/L
C. 0.2/L
D. L/0.002
Answer: A

18. A four-stroke petrol engine theoretically operates on :
A. Joule cycle
B. Otto cycle
C. Brayton cycle
D. Bell Coleman cycle
Answer: B

19. Find the value of (2744)1/3 :
A. 24
B. 14
C. 34
D. 16
Answer: B

20. A man buys an article for Rs. 490 and sells it for Rs. 465.50. Find his loss percentage.
A. 4%
B. 4.5%
C. 5%
D. 5.5%
Answer: C

21. If the cost of ‘x’ metres of wire is ‘d’ rupees, then what is the cost of ‘y’ metres of same wire?
A. yd/x
B. xd/y
C. XY/d
D. d/XY
Answer: A

22. One side of a rectangular field is 15 metres. The length of diagonal of this rectangular field is 17 metres. Find the area of this rectangular field.
A. 120 m2
B. 60 m2
C. 255 m 2
D. 144 1/4 m2
Answer: A

23. ‘When a body is wholly or partially, immersed in a fluid it experiences an upthrust equal to the weight of the fluid displaced”. This is known as :
A. Pascal’s principle
B. Archimedes principle
C. Stoke’s law
D. Newton’s Laws of Motion
Answer: B

24. Secretion of Insulin Hormone is by
A. Thyroid
B. Pituitary
C. Adrenal
D. Pancreas
Answer: D

25. Earthworm belongs to which of the following Animal Phyla?
A. Arthropoda
B. Mollusca
C. Annelida
D. Protozoa
Answer: C

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