RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014 PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214 (Part-6)

RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014
PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214


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126. Batching in concrete refers to
A. Controlling the total quantity of each batch
B. weighing accurately, the quantity of each material for a job before mixing
C. Controlling the quantiy of each material into each batch
D. Adjusting the water to be added in each batch according to the moisture content of the materials being mixed in the batch
Answer: C

127. Gypsum is used as an admixture in cement grouts for
A. accelerating the setting time
B. retarding the setting time
C. increasing the plasticity
D. reducting the grout shrinkage
Answer: B

128. The maxium defection of a fixed beam carring a central load W is equal to (other notations standard)
A. WL3/48EI
B. WL3/96EI
C. WL3/192EI
D. 5/384 WL3/EI
Answer: C

129. In a thin-wall T-section, the shear centre C is located at the point shown in

Answer: B

130. A simply supported beam is loaded as below

Answer: B

131. What is the radius of Mohr’s circle in case of bi-axial state of stress?
A. Half the sum of the two principal stresses
B. Half the difference of the two principal stresses
C. Difference of the two principal stresses
D. Sum of the two principal stresses
Answer: B

132. What is the moment at A for a Frame shown below:

Each vertical member has very large moment of Inertia
A. PL/2
B. PL/4
C. PL/8
D. PL/16
Answer: A

133. A structure has two degree of indeterminacy. The number of plastic hinges That would be formed at complete collapse is
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
Answer: D

134. For laminar flow between parallel plates separated by a distance 2h, head loss varies
A. directly as h
B. inversely as h
C. directly as h2
D. Inversely as h3
Answer: C

135. In Surveying. Offsets are
A. lateral measurements made with respect to main survey line
B. perpendiculars erected from chain lines
C. taken to avoid unnecessary walking between stations
D. measurements which are not made at right angles to the chain line
Answer: B

136. The true length of a line is known to be 200 m. When this is measured with a 20 m tape, the lenth is 200.8 m. The correct length of the 20 m tape is
A. 19.92 m
B. 19398 m
C. 20.04 m
D. 20.08 m
Answer: A

137. Shear failure of soils taken place when
A. the angle of obliquity is maximum
B. maximum cohesion is reached in cohesive soils
C. ΓΈ reches its maximum value in cohesionless soils
D. residual strenfth of the soil is exhausted
Answer: A

138. What is the process of utilizing one data link for transmission of a group of variables known as ?
A. Encoding
B. Deconding
C. Demultiplexing
D. Multiplexing
Answer: D

139. In order to increase the range of a voltmeter
A. a low resistance is connected in parallel
B. a low resistance is connected in series
C. a high resistance is connected in parallel
D. a high resistance is connected in series
Answer: D

140. The internal resistance of the milliammeter must be very low for
A. high accuracy
B. high sensitivity
C. minimum effect on the current in the circuit
D. maximum voltage drop across the meter
Answer: C

141. In order to have fast, steady and accurate responses, the meters should have
A. Critical damping
B. Under damping
C. a very high damping coefficent
D. No damping
Answer: A

142. In case of over damping, the instrument will become
A. Oscillating
B. dead
C. fast and sensitive
D. slow and lethargic
Answer: D

143. In reference to Acid rain, what is correct statement
A. The pH value is below 5.6
B. It occurs due to presence of sulphuric acid or nitric acid in the atmosphere
C. maximum acid is due to strong Carbonic Acid
D. Acid rain affects ecosystem
Answer: C

144. In Global Warming, the major contribution is due to
A. Carbon emission
B. Agriculture
C. Deforestation
D. Industry
Answer: A

145. Which of the following mechanisms is NOT for removing particulate matter from gas streams.
A. Gravitational settling
B. Centrifugal impaction
C. Electrostatic precipitation
D. Burning the pariculate
Answer: D

146. Which one of the following is NOT Biotic components of ecology
A. Consumers
B. Producers
C. Decomposers
D. Climate
Answer: D

147. Match Col. X (result) and Col. Y (Cause)
Col. X                                                                       Col. Y
P. Water pollution                                             1. Combustion of fossil fuel
Q. Air Pollution                                                 2. Decaying of organic matter
R. Noise pollution                                              3. Pesticides
S. Soil pollution                                                 4. High decibel
A. P-2, Q-1, R-4, S-3
B. P-1 Q-2 R-4, S-3
C. P-3 Q-1, R-2, S-4
D. P-1, Q-3, R-2, S-4
Answer: A

148. Part of the Computer where data and instructions are held is
A. Register Unit
B. Accumulator
C. Memory Unit
Answer: C

149. In a Computer Assembler is
A. a program that places programs into memory and prepares them for execution
B. a program that automate the translation of assembly language into machine language
C. a program that accepts a program written in a high level language and produces an object program
D. is a program that appears to execute a source program if it were machine language
Answer: B

150. Which of the following is NOT a register in Computer ?
A. Accumulator
B. Stack Pointer
C. Program Counter
D. Buffer
Answer: D

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