RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014 PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214 (Part-1)

RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014
PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214

1. Which Network protocol is used to send e-mail?
C. POP 3
Answer: D

2. The use of a cache in Computer system increases the
A. available memory space for the program
B. available memory space for the data
C. available speed of memory access
D. addressing range of CPU
Answer: C

3. A microprocessor has 24 address lines and 32 data lines. If it uses 10 bits of op code, the size of its Memory Buffer Register is-
A. 22 bits
B. 24 bits
C. 32 bits
D. 14 bits
Answer: D

4. In a microprocessor when a CPU is interrupted, it
A. Stops execution of instructions
B. Acknowledges interrupt and branches off subroutine
C. Acknowledges interrupt and continues
D. Acknowledges interrupt and waits for the next instruction from the interrupting device
Answer: D

5. The MODEM is used with a personal computer to do which of the following ?
A. Convert from serial to parallel and vice versa
B. Convert signals between TTL and RS232 C stand and vice versa
C. Convert from digital to analog signals and vice versa
D. To convert the computer to a long distance communication line
Answer: C

6. The term digitization refers to
A. conversion of analogue into digital
B. conversion of digital into analogue
C. use of analogue form of electricity
D. a form of changing physical quantities
Answer: A

7. Which is NOT a Wireless Technology.
A. Blue Tooth
B. A conventional telephone
C. Wi-Fi
D. Wi-Max
Answer: B

8. In an Engineering drawing. in double stroke Gothic lettering. which is correct.
A. Letter are drawn thin
B. The lettering template is used to draw the outline of letter
C. This is not preferred for ink drawings
D. This is having non-uniform line width
Answer: B

9. Match Col. X(Category) and Col. Y (Recommended Scale) in reference to an Engineering drawing.
Col.X                                                                       Col. Y
P  Enlarging Scale                                                   1. 1 : 500
Q Full Scale                                                           2. 10 : 1
R  Reducing Scale                                                   3. 1 : 1
                                                                             4. 1 : 20
A. P – 4, Q -1, R – 2, P – 3
B. P – 2, Q – 3, R – 4, R – 1
C. P – 1, Q – 3, R – 2, R – 4
D. P – 2, Q – 1, R – 4, R – 3
Answer: B

10. If RF is 1/60000 and distance to be shown on drawing is 7.5km. what is the length of line on drawing?
A. 12.5 cm
B. 8 cm
C. 45 cm
D. 10 cm
Answer: A

11. A parabola can be constructed on a drawing by the methods EXCEPT
A. Eccentricity Method
B. Rectangle Method
C. Parallelogram Method
D. Asymptote Method
Answer: D

12. Which of the Statements is NOT correct.
A. Isometric scale is used to draw isometric projection
B. Isometric scale is not used to draw isometric view
C. A square is seen as rectangle in isometric
D. A rectangle is seen as parallelogram in isometric
Answer: C

13. A particle moves along a circular path with constant speed. What is the nature of its acceleration?
A. It is zero
B. It is Uniform
C. Ir direction changes
D. Its magnitude changes
Answer: C

14. A body is at rest on the surface of the earth. Which of the following Statements is correct?
A. No force is acting on the body
B. Only weight of the body acts on it
C. Net downward force is equal to net upward force
D. None of these is correct
Answer: C

15. The Specific heat of the gas in an isothermal process is
A. Zero
B. Infinite
C. Negative
D. Remains constant
Answer: B

16. In a Simple Harmonic Oscillator, at the mean position
A. Kinetic Energy is minimum, Potential Energy is maximum
B. Both Kinetic and Potential Energies are maximum
C. Kinetic Energy is maximum, Potential Energy is minimum
D. Both Kinetic and Potential Energies are minimum.
Answer: C

18. Which of the following cannot be speed-time (v-t) graph of a body in motion?

Answer: B

19. Avogadro’s number. NA means
A. number of protons in nucleus of an atom
B. number of atoms in one gram atom of an element
C. sum of the number of protons and the neutrons in the nucleus of an atom
D. number of protons or electrons in one gram of Sodium
Answer:  B

20. Isotopes of the same element have
A. Same number of neutrons
B. Same atomic mass
C. Same number of protons
D. Different atomic number
Answer: C

21. In a reaction between Zinc and Iodide is formed. What is being oxidized ?
A Zinc ions
B. Iodide ions
C. Zinc Atom
D. Iodine
Answer: C

22. Which of the following halogens is the best oxidizing agent ?
A. F2
B. Cl2
C. Br2
D. l2
Answer: A

23. Nitrogen is used to fill electric bulbs because it
A. is lighter than air
B. makes the bulb to give more light
C. does not support combustion
D. is non-toxic
Answer: C

24. Froth floatation process for the concentration of Ores is an illustration of the practical application of
A. Adsorption
B. Absorption
C. Coagulation
D. Sedimentation
Answer: A

25. The process of increasing fertility of soil by earthworms is known as
A. Organic farming
B. Vermicomposting
C. Eutrophication
D. Worm Casting
Answer: B                   

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