Brittleness: Property of a material with which the material breaks with little permanent distortion. e.g:- cast iron

Creep: Material subject to constant stress at high temperature for long period of time undergo slow deformation. It occurs in IC engines, boiler and turbines.

Ductility: Ability to drawn into wire with application of tensile force.  e,g:-mild steel, lead, copper, zinc, tin

Elasticity: Ability to regain original shape after deformation under external load e.g:- rubber

Fatigue: Material subject to repeated stress, fails below yield stress. It occurs in designing shafts, connecting rods, springs, gears

Hardness: Resistance to indentation, wear, scratching, deformation.

Machinability: Property which permits the material to go for machining operations such as cutting.

Malleability: Ability of a material to rolled or hammered into thin sheets. e.g:- soft steel, lead, copper, wrought iron, aluminum.

Plasticity: Ability to do not regain original shape after deformation under external load e.g:- forging, stamping

Resilience: Amount of energy absorbed per unit volume within elastic limit. This property is essential for spring materials.

Stiffness: Ability to resist deformation under stress.

Strength: Ability to resist external load without fracture, breaking or yield.

Toughness: Energy absorbed by material during fracture under unit volume. This property decreases when heated.