How to integrate a function (Definite Integral)

How to integrate a function (Definite Integral)

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Tricks applicable for Calc Model: CASIO fx-570MS, CASIO fx-991MS, and other similar operation model.

What is Integration?

-Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as a single unit.
-Integration can be used to find Areas, Volumes, etc.

What is a definite integral?

-A definite integral has start and end values (ie Limit), in other words, there is an interval (a to b).
-Integration, in this case, takes place in a limit of the interval.

The calculator can easily perform definite integration (ie integration with a limit).
Mainly three inputs are required for the operation. They are a function with variable x, lower limit, and upper limit.

We can understand the trick easily with the following example, so let start…
Example: What is the value of 
25(x3-5x-3)dx is?
a) 129/12
b) 363/4
c) 65/7
d) 1/2



∫dx >> ALPHA >> ) >> SHIFT >> x2 >> - >> 5 >> ALPHA >> ) >> - >>3 >> , >> 2(lower limit first) >> , >> 5(upper limit second) >> ) >> =(90.75)

(363/4=90.75, so Answer is option b)

Note: For two or three function multiplication use bracket for each function. Internal integration calculations may take considerable time to complete.

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