Download Official AnswerKey of BSSC Graduate Mains 2016

Download Official Question Paper and AnswerKey of BSSC Graduate Level Mains Exam 2016

BSSC (Bihar Staff Selection Commission) official and Unofficial answer key along with Official Question Paper will be available here. The examination is conducted successfully on 27-03-2016 at different examination centers in Patna. This BSSC graduate level exam is of 2014 notification, which is two tier written test PT and Mains. Both Preliminary Test and Main exam are objective type test. You may check complete details of BSSC Graduate Level Mains test here. 

BSSC Official Question Paper and Answer Key are available in PDF format. You can download these PDF file through below given link. Team eReaders' Forum try hard to keep the provided solution error free (Zero error solution), however some topographical error may occur. Please report us through comment section if you find any error in the solution of BSSC graduate Mains Paper. 

Examination Details:

Exam organising body- Bihar SSC
Exam Name- BSSC Graduate Level Main Test 
Exam center- Patna
Exam Date- 27 March 2016
Type of Exam- Govt. Recruitment
Job Location- Bihar
Job Profile- Graduate Level Post on Different Offices of Bihar government
Official Question Paper- Available
Official Answer Key- Updated Soon
Official site- http://bssc.bih.nic.in/ 

Download PDF Of Question and Answer

Question Paper: Paper-1
Answer Key: Paper-1
Official Answer Key: Paper-1[Updated Soon]

Question Paper: Paper-2 Download PDF Paper
Answer Key: Paper-2
Official Answer Key: Paper-2[Updated Soon]

Expected cutoff will be posted here at eRForum.net so keep in touch with this eLearning portal. 

On the basis of Answer key provided you may find out your expected score and judge your self where are you in this competition? 

Few of the 27th March Asked Questions with correct Answers are listed below:

1. Match the Hormone List — I with List — II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists :
List — I                            List — II
a. Adrenalin                   1. Anger, Fear
b. Estrogen                    2. Attracting partners through sense of smell
c. Insulin                        3. Females
d. Pheromones              4. Glucose

Codes : a b c d
(A) 3 1 4 2
(B) 1 3 2 4
(C) 1 3 4 2
(D) 3 I 2 4
Ans- (C) 

2. One Carbon Credit is equivalent to
(A) 10 kg of CO2
(B) 100 kg of CO2
(C) 1000 kg of CO2
(D) 10000 kg of CO2
 Ans- (C)

3. Which of the following elements is used in Solar Cells ?
(A) Silicon 
(B) Cerium 
(C) Astatine 
(D) Vanadium 
Ans- (A)

4. Filament of electric bulb is made of -
(A) Tungsten 
(B) Nichrome 
(C) Lead 
(D) Aluminium 
Ans- (A)

5. Minamata disease is caused due to 
(A) Arsenic poisoning 
(B) Lead poisoning 
(C) Mercury poisoning 
(D) Cadmium poisoning 
Ans- (C)

6. Who becomes the 'Acting President' if the President and the Vice-President are incapacitated or die in harness ? 
(A) The Prime Minister 
(B) The Chief Justice of Supreme Court 
(C) The Law Minister 
(D) The Home Minister
Ans- (B)

More questions will be posted soon...

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