RRB NTPC CBT 22nd April 2016 3rd Shift Question and Answers

RRB NTPC 22nd April 2016 3rd Shift Question Paper and Correct Answers

Arithmetic Ability:

Q.Three angles of tringle 4:5:6, then find the ratio between biggest and smallest angle?

Q. Tan1.tan2….tan59
Ans- 1/root3


Q. A total of 200 students 43% passed in maths, 52% in physics,52 % in chemistry, 8% passed in all three subjects,14% in maths and physics, 21% in physics and chemistry, 20% in maths and chemistry then
1. How many passed in maths only
2. The ratio of who passes in maths to who passes in chemistry
3. Total no of people who passes in at least 2 subjects.

Q. The cost price of an article is 40% of the selling price then profit% is?

Q An object having length 45m,inclined at 60degrees to ground what is its height from ground?

Q. if 4 men or 6 women or 8 boy do a piece of work in 32 days then 1 men & 1 women 1 boy can do same work in?

Reasoning Ability:

Q. SETABORP=87654321 , ROPE…=?

Q. Illiteracy:Education:: Flood:?
Good: Bad::Virtue::?
Whiskey: Distellary::Bread::?

Q. Assertion: bulb filament is made up of copper
Reason: bulb has air in it

GK / GS / GA:

Q. Ginger is one of the following type
Ans- Underground stem

Q. In IPL raina and dhoni played to
Ans- Rajkot and pune

Q. Marykom belongs to which state
Ans- Manipur

Q. Cartosat which takes photos of uttarakhand floods is a
Ans- Remote sensing satellite

Q. Gagan narang and abhinav bindra belongs to
Ans- Shooting

Q.first satellite of India sent towards lunars is
Ans- Chandrayaan 1

Q. The process of coating on the surface of a metal with zinc is called
Ans- Galvanisation

Q. The scientist who got Nobel prize on malaria is
Ans- Sir Ronald Ross

Q. Elisa is the test for AIDS but it is caused by virus
Ans- HIV

Q. Narendra modi meets Nawaz Sharif to surprise him at his Birthday in?
Ans- Pakistan

Q. Delhi government bans diesel cars because they emitting………pollutants?

Q. Tooth enamil is made up of
Ans- Calcium phosphate

Q. Qutub minar built in ______ dynasty.
Ans- Mamluk or Slave dynasty.

Q. which is the big nuclear plant in India?

Q. Bulb filament is made from which metal?
Ans- Tungsten

Q. How many amendment in Indian constitution?
Ans- 100

Q. Who is ceo of google?
Ans- Sundar pichai

Q. Indira point is located at ?
Ans- Andaman

Q. Birju maharaj composed a song for Deepika padukone in baji Rao mastaani
a) Kathak
b) kuchipudi
c) kathakali etc

Q. Secularism means
Ans- Right to follow any religion

Q. Which national park has worlds two thirds one horned rhinos
Ans- kajiranga

Q. Pascal is the unit of
Ans- Pressure.

Q. Find Wrongly matched
a) Chandragupta…mouryans
b) bindusara…..Gupta
c) kanishka…kushana
d) Akbar…moghal

Q. Indira point is located at?

Q.Which star elliminated :
Ans- Pluto

Q.Cursor moved on screen with help of?

Ans- Mouse

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