RRB NTPC CBT 26 April 2016 First Shift Q&A

RRB NTPC Online CBT 26th April 2016 First Shift Questions with Correct Answers

GK GS GA Questions :

Q. FTP stands for?
Ans- File transfer protocol.

Q. IUCN stands for?
Ans- The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Q. Name the scientist who invented Atom bomb?

Q. Nagaland’s official language?
Ans- English.

Q. Jai stambh is located at?
Ans- Raipur.

Q. How many teams played in 2016, World Twenty- Twenty women world cup?
Ans- 10.

Q. Duodenum is a ?
Ans- Small intestine.

Q. Among the following which is digestive acid?
Ans- HCL.

Q. Major Constituent of Sun?
Ans- Hydrogen and Helium.

Q. What is old name of Allahabad?
Ans- Prayag.

Q. Who is H S Prannoy ?

Q. In which year Gandhi started Dandi march?
Ans- 1930.

Q. Which of following is a Dwarf planet ?
Ans- Pluto

Q. Shift key in keyboard is application for?

Q. Who was appointed as NSA adviser?
Ans- Ajit Doval.

Q. Among the following, which is not a Cancer?

Q. The UN ship lost in 1985 and found in 2015, what is it’s name?

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