RRB NTPC CBT 27-04-2016 2nd Shift Q&A

RRB NTPC Online Exam 27 April 2016 2nd Shift Questions with Correct Answers

Q. Raja ji National park is located at?
Ans- Uttrakhand

Q.  Priyanka Chopra got an award. For which Hollywood film she received that award ?
Ans- Quantico

Q.  Official language of Goa state?
Ans- Konkani

Q. Distance between Sun and Earth?

Q. What is the capital city of Manipur?
Ans-  Imphal.

Q.  Who is the  captain of T-20 women’s world cup winner team in 2016?

Q. Who is president of Myanmar ?
Ans- Htin Kyaw.

Q. Who is T20 India Woman’s cricket team captain ?
Ans- Mithali Raj.

Q. curd consists of?
Ans- lactic acid

Q. India shares water border with how many countries?

Q. some question related to PRISM.

Q. mirage is due to?
Ans- refraction of light

Q. mizoram’s capital
Ans- aizawl

Q. golf player among the following –
a)gurmeet sing,
b)ssp chowrasia,
c)chetan anand,

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