RRB NTPC Online CBT First Shift 22 April 2016 Q&A

RRB NTPC Computer Based Test 22 April 2016 First Shift Questions With Correct Answers

This post include questions of different sections asked in today's 22 April 2016 1st shift examination. This all India Level exams of RRB NTPC include questions from Arithmetic Ability / Quantitative Aptitude, GK /GA/ GS, Reasoning Ability etc. These questions are memory based shared by the candidates who appear today for exams. 

Arithmetic Ability:

Q. Sinx=4/5 then tanx/cotx=?

Q. If standard deviation is 11, what is the variance?

Q. Cost price of 40 Apples is equal to selling price of 30 apples. find percentage gain?

Q. Problem based on ages- 4 Questions.

Q. Problem based on numbers- 2 Questions.

Q. Trignometry- 2 Questions.

Q. Pei chart- 2 problem (8Questions)

Q. Profit and loss- 4 Questions

Q. Mixture & Alligation- 2 Questions

Q. tan 28.tan72.tan32.tan58

Q. Simple interest- 2 Questions

Q. Ratio- 3 Questions

Q. lcm ,hcf - 1 Question

Q. random variables& mean values

Q. triangle and the theorem?

Reasoning Ability:

Q. Blood relation- 2 Questions

Q. coding decoding

GK / GS / GA:

Q. Who is the first Indian to go into the space?
Ans- Rakesh sharma.

Q. Cricket world cup is organised by?
Ans- ICC- International cricket council.

Q. Gold is soluble in?
Ans- Aqua regia.

Q.The international renewable energy agency headquarters is located at?
Ans- Abu Dhabi.

Q. Who won Arjun award in kabaddi in 2015.?
Ans- Manjeet chiller.

Q. Among the following which is not a board game?
Ans- Bridge.

Q. First Indian woman , who won the gold medal in Asian awards?
Ans- Marycom.

Q. What is blue ray disc?
Ans- Storage device.

Q. What is the Mukesh Ambani’s rank in world’s richest person List?
Ans- 36.

Q. Lalitha babar belongs to which game?

Q. What is normal human body temperature?

Q. Vitamin A is ?
Ans- Retinol

Q. Somnath temple is located in which state?
Ans- Gujarat

Q. Oldest bank in India?
Ans- Bank of hindustan

Q. Where is Victoria fall located ?
Ans- Africa

Q. calcium agsalate =kidney stone

Q. specs lens made up of?

Q. hub

Q. milky way shape?

Q. metals propertis 2 questions

Q. why do pasparas keeps in water?

Q. responbility of lit governor

Q. somanath temple located in which state?

Q.which one followin is not in nepal? hills,mountain,,,pleateu

Q.device and uses ex:air=anemameter such as which combination is wrong

Q. following game not play by group?

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