Fluid Mechanics Tech Notes : Topics Details

Details of Topics Covered Under 

Fluid Mechanics Tech Notes


List of Topics Covered Under “Fluid Mechanics Tech Notes”:

1. Properties of Fluid
2. Pressure and its Measurement
3. Hydrostatic Forces on Surface
4. Buoyancy and Floatation
5. Kinematics of fluid Flow
6. Dynamics of fluid flow
7. Dimensional and Modal Analysis
8. BLT
9. Laminar Flow
10. Turbulent Flow
11.Flow through Pipes
12. Flow through orifices and mouth pieces
13. Flow over Notch and Weirs
14. Flow around submerged bodies, drag and lift
15. Compressible flow
16. Flow through open channel
17. Force exerted on surfaces

Kinematics of Fluid Flow
Analysis of Fluid Motion
1D Flow
2D Flow
Axisymmetric Flow
Steady and Unsteady Flow
Uniform and Non-uniform Flow
Velocity and Acceleration in Fluid Flow
Stream Line Flow
Path Line
Streak Line
Continuity Equation
Stream Function
Strain Component
Velocity Potential Function
Rotational and Irrotational Flow
Circulation in a flow
Flow net

Dynamics of Fluid Flow
Raynold’s Transport Theorem
Euler’s Momentum Equation
Bernoulli’s Equation
Navier Stoke Equation (General Momentum Equation)
Navier Stoke Momentum Equation for 3D Incompressible Flow
Integral Momentum Equation
Angular Momentum Equation
Force on Rectangular Sluice gate (Unit Width of gate)
Unit of Bernoulli’s Equation
Correction of Non Uniform Flow
Piezometric head
BE for a real fluid
Venturi meter
Orifice meter
Pitot Tube
Vortex Motion

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