[Must Read] Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines By SK Mondal

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines By SK Mondal Free eBook


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Author : Mr S. K. Mondal
Total Number of Pages: 179
Size : 4 MB


1. Properties of fluids
2. Pressure and its Measurement
3. Hydrostatic Forces on surfaces
4. Buoyancy and flotation
5. Fluid Kinematics
6. Fluid dynamics
7. Dimensional and Model Analysis
8. Boundary layer theory
9. Laminar flow 
10. Turbulent flow
11. Flow-through pipes
12. Flow-through orifices and mouthpieces
13. Flow over notches and weirs
14. Flow around submerged bodies-drag and lift
15. Compressible flow
16. Flow in open channels
17. Force Exerted on surfaces
18. Hydraulic turbine
19. Centrifugal pump
20. Reciprocating pumps
21. Miscellaneous hydraulic machines

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  1. Sir is this book for civil engineering or mechanical engineering