Agricultural Revolutions in India

Agricultural Revolutions in India

Food Chain Revolution – Saving food, vegetables & Fruits from decaying.
Blue Revolution – Fish Production
Brown Revolution – Leather/non-conventional Energy /Cocoa production
Golden Fibre Revolution – Jute Production
Golden Revolution – Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
Green Revolution – Food grains Production
Grey Revolution – Fertilizer Production
Pink Revolution – Onion production/Pharmaceutical(India)/Prawn production
Red Revolution – Meat and Tomato Production
Round Revolution – Potato Production
Silver Fiber Revolution – Cotton Production
Silver Revolution – Egg/Chicken/Poultry Production
White Revolution (Operation Flood) – Milk Production
Yellow Revolution – Oil Seeds Production
Evergreen Revolution – Overall development of Agriculture
Rainbow Revolution – Amalgamation of all above revolutions.
Black Revolution – Crude Oil (Petroleum) Production

Green Revolution:

During 1960s, wheat and rice production increased drastically and due to this , American scientist Dr. William Gaude termed it as Green Revolution.
The Main Aim of Green Revolution:-
Decreasing the uncertainties in Agriculture.
Increasing the production and productivity of Agriculture.
Encouraging the rural development.

Green Revolution in India:

In India the production during the decade 1956-66 was about 17 Million Tonnes, which increased to 49 Million Tonnes in 1966-76.
With this tremendous rise in food grain production in India, it becomes self reliant for the first time.
In India, credit goes to Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (Father of Green Revolution in India).
An important role in Green Revolution in India was played by American Professor Dr. Norman Borlough.

Operation Flood:

During 1964-65, Intensive Cattle Development Programme (ICDP) was introduced in the country in which a package of improved animal husbandry was given to cattle owners for promoting White Revolution in country. Later on, to accelerate the pace of white revolution, a new programme named operation flood was introduced in the country.
Operation Flood is the world’s largest Integrated Dairy Development Programme started in 1970 National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).
Dr. Varghese Kurien is the pioneer of Operation Flood in India.
India stands first position in Milk production followed by USA.

Blue Revolution:

The term Blue Revolution is used to describe adoption of a package of methods by which fish production has been increased substantially in India since Independence.

Black Revolution:

The government of India with this programme, plans to accelerate the production of ethanol and to mix it up with petrol (upto 10%) and produce Bio-diesel.

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