Duties and Responsibilities of BSNL JE (TTA)

Duties and Responsibilities of BSNL JE / Telecom Technical Assistants (TTAs)

About BSNL JE (Erstwhile TTA):

A cadre of TTAs has been created as a result of the Cadre Restructuring Scheme introduced in the Department in October’90
vides Memo no.:- 27-4/S4-TE II
Dated:- 10.10.90.

The TTAs would eventually replace the following cadres:
(I) Technicians, Technical Supervisors, Senior Technical Supervisors and Chief Technical Supervisors.
(II) Pis/AEAs/WO s and  TA s.

Whereas predominantly the TTAs would be concerned function with the maintenance function in the new technology areas, they would also be required to perform the function which are being presently performed by the above cadres which will since be phased out in due course of time.

There will be two streams in which the TTAs would be trained namely.
1. TTA s (Switching) and
2. TTA s (Transmission)

The duties of TTA s to be performed under overall guidance of JTO / SDE are listed below.
[DUTIES OF TTA AS PER DOT NO.29-1/96 – TE – II DATED 03.04.1996]

Duties and Responsibilities of BSNL JE / TTA (Switching):

1. Installation and maintenance of all types of local and TAX exchanges including electronic exchanges, telex exchanges, concentrators, PABX s trunk boards, special services, positions/ electro Technical switching systems, auto manual positions and the associated MDF / IDF/ TDE etc.
2. Installation and maintenance of all types to telegraph instruments and apparatus, Tele-printers, EKB, EKBC, SFMSS and other associated apparatus.
3. Installation and maintenance of power plant, battery, all types of ringers, air conditioning equipments, pumps, motor, engine alternators, electrical installations, fans, and desert coolers.
4. Assist JTO in installation and maintenance of computer LANs, PCs and related equipments.
5. Carry out daily, weekly and monthly tests on local and junction lines, switching and junction equipments, Localization and repair of faults in all types of exchanges.
6. Adjustment and repair of auto equipment relay set, uniselectors, two motion selectors, multi switches/relays alarms and supervisory panels, test instruments etc.
7. Taking traffic readings, preparation of fault statistics, fault analysis and maintenance of records, logbooks, and inventory control, fault register.
8. Perform all jobs connected with technical maintenance/ installation as assigned by JTOs/Officer in charge which may including wiring, jumpering, soldering, painting of equipment, cutting, bending, drilling etc.

9. Independently operate and maintain electronic exchange system up to 500 lines, if required.
10. Repair center work of all types of telecom equipments including power plant.
11. Maintenance of fire fighting and equipments.
12. Installation and maintenance of small capacity UHF carrier systems including stackable carrier system and MARRs.
13. Supervise the work of Phone mechanic when required under overall guidance of JTO / SDE.
14. Carry out any other duties assigned by the seniors.

Duties and Responsibilities of BSNL JE / TTA (Transmission):

1. Installation, maintenance and testing types of open – wire carrier, VFT, Interstice, coaxial, MARR, PCM, optical fiber, microwave, satellite and other type of transmission systems with all associated equipments.
2. Installation and maintenance of wireless equipment, transmitters and receivers, Morse sets masts, aerials etc.
3. Sending, receiving and monitoring traffic on wireless links of all type, pass massages on phone, operate auto transmitters of for weather and traffic broadcasts as well as ship to shore weather safety/distress messages, providing communications as per national and international practice.
4. Carry out testing, locating and jointing work in case cable break down faults.
5. Splicing and splice closure work of OFC and termination of OFC of fiber distribution frame.
6. Operation of PCT.
7. Maintenance of TNE/GAS.
8. Maintenance of Logbooks, fault registers etc.
9. Supervise the work of phone mechanic when required.
10. Perform in charge duties when required.

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