Additional Technical Subjects/Topics as per New ESE Syllabus

Additional Technical Subjects/Topics as per New ESE Syllabus

ESE 2020

From 2017 onwards UPSC has made a major change in the exam pattern and a minor change in the exam syllabus of Engineering Services Syllabus. Now there is a separate exam for Pre and Mains. Previously both the exams are in the continuation and every aspirant can attend mains exams without qualifying pre. But now only pre-qualified candidates can attend the mains exam.


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Additional Subjects / Topics of ESE 

Additional Subject/Topics
Civil Engineering
1.Dynamic Analysis & Earthquake Resistant Design,
2. Tender Process, Rate Analysis, etc.
3. Engineering Geology.
Electrical Engineering
1.Signal & System,
2. Computer Fundamentals
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
1.Advanced Electronics
2.Advance Communication
3.Basics of Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
1.Renewable source of Energy
2.Mechatronics & Robotics

Additional Subjects Note:

Electrical Engineering additional subject
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Electronics & Telecommunication additional subject
Advance Electronics Handwritten Note- Buy@Rs75
Advance Communication Handwritten Note- Buy@Rs75 
Basics of Electrical Engineering Handwritten Note- Buy@Rs75

Mechanical Engg. additional subject
Mechatronics Handwritten Note (V1.1)- Buy@Rs30
Mechatronics, Robotics & Renewable S O Energy- Buy@Rs75
Renewable Source of Energy Handwritten Note- Buy@Rs30

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All 10 Subject List

8 Subjects
1.GS & Current Affair
2.Energy & Environment
3.Ethics & Values
5.Design & Drawing
6.Standard & Quality
7.Project Management
8.Basic of Material Science & Engineering
2 Subjects
9.Engineering Maths & Numerical Analysis
10.Reasoning & Aptitude 

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  1. what does it mean by version 1 and version 2?

    1. Version 1.2 is more recent notes than Version 1.1 . So, you should purchase Version V1.2. It is better than previous Version. If you have still any query, please ask us through email at erforum.net@gmail.com

  2. can you provide the link for standard and quality notes, as it is not showing.

    1. Link for Standard and Quality Control Handwritten Note added. Please check it.

  3. Notes of project managemnet, as an individual link.