BSNL JE (TTA) 28 September 2016 Evening Shift (MEMORY BASED QUESTIONS)


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Here we are sharing some questions of BSNL JE 2016 Based on Memory.
These are the Questions from Online Computer Test of BSNL JE Conducted on 28 Sept. 2016 Evening Shift.
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Exam / Paper Details:

Exam Date- 28 Sept 2016
Shift- Evening 
Mode- Online CBT

BSNL JE Questions [28 Sept 2016] Evening Shift:

1 cycloconverter
2 chopper
3 which circuit braker use for high voltage
4 which ray take part in fusion reactioin
5 no of NAND gate use for Buffer
6 no of nand gate use for ex-or and ex-nor
7 which take part in chemical reaction
8 when blocked thyristor no of junction RB
10 cyclic stealing use in

Q. European common currency?
Ans- Euro

Q. Leukoderma disease is related with which part of body?
Ans- Skin

Q. One who is unable to pay?
Ans- Insolvent

Q. Mudra yojna firstly launched by?
Ans- Corporation Bank

Q. Unit Joule/Coulomb equals?
Ans- Charge

Q. Flip flop use
Ans- 1 bit

Q. Loop gain of schmitt trigger greater than?
Ans- 1

Q. Sinusoidal wave?
Ans- Marginally stable.

Q. Toggle condition in JK Flip Flop
Ans- 1,1

Q. Highest privority register?
Ans- Trap

Q. Sound Can't travel in?
Ans- Vaccuum

Q. 8086 processor ?
Ans- 40 pin IC

> electric field for cro
>laser ligt
>flip flop storage
> min value of h parameter
>in refrection direction does not change
>ecl is fast beac
>costly ttl c equvilent
>ttl n.m.
>when current double than instensity
>w/q called
>two blub in seris
> tx line
>insulator band gap
>ni current due to
>fastest memory
>oscilattory marginally
>quatizatioin occure
>information rate
>isdn use
>scr off
>genral resistance made by
>bjt base
> two vector magnitude and direction same
>beat frequency
>matrix order num
>compensated winding use
>distance btwn two parallel line
>operating system called open source
>energy is equal to
>full form of sql
>sp bit
>3 rd genration speed
>9*10^9 CALLED
 > opamp numeical
> schmitt trigger
>in phase modulation phase deviation propotonal to
>pmmc measure
>26 DBm
>r.b. capacitor called
> bjt v1 and v2 relation
>differential error pair
>cmrr increase by
> AM phase shift
> dml full form
> to add row in DBMS
> math numerical xy dz/dx = 5 which show parabolic equation
>k.e. unit
>q factor of cavity resonator increase or decrerase
>current conductor in uniform field follw path circular , ellipse
>when a current carrying ring on the wall N pole bring near ring than current direction clkwise or anti clk
>overall 1 when reflextion , referaction
>filter high cutt off just above cutt off frequency
>symbol show current or voltage
> A.B matrix multipication
>desenstivity is equal to
> when gain is double tha gain margin
>vout/vin in DB
> ROOT LOCUS 1/S(6S+1)
>Re in a.c analysis
>costly coupling
>routh herwitz show
>shunt motor when load increase speed
>sound can not travel in
>complex numerical
>voltmeter use to measure 20 kohm resistance
>root locus false statement
>superposition theorm
>guass law
>m1 and m2 modulation index than overall
>solid capacitor advantages
>swr minimum for reflection value
>best noise margin in

BSNL JE 27 Sept 2016 Paper 

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