Strength of Materials Hand Written Notes For GATE,ESE,PSUs

SOM/MOS/MOM/SM Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs 

Strength Of Materials

The strength of Material is one the important paper for GATE, Engineering Services, PSUs, SSC JE and several other Similar levels engineering Competitive exams. This Handwritten Note will cover complete Syllabus as of GATE and ESE/IES [Mechanical Engineering]

GATE Syllabus of Mechanics of Materials:

Mechanics of Materials: Stress and strain, elastic constants, Poisson's ratio; Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain; thin cylinders; shear force and bending moment diagrams; bending and shear stresses; deflection of beams; torsion of circular shafts; Euler’s theory of columns; energy methods; thermal stresses; strain gauges and rosettes; testing of materials with universal testing machine; testing of hardness and impact strength. 


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250+ Pages of well-explained notes. Exclusively for Mech. Engg.

Contents of Mechanics of Materials-Handwritten Notes:

1. Basic Concepts of SOM
2. Load
3. Properties of Materials
4. Simple stress, strain and elastic constant
5. Bending and Shear stress in beams
6. Pure Torsion or Torsional Shear Stress in Shafts
7. Principal Stress and Principal Strain
8. Theory of Failure
9. SFD & BMD (Shear Force Diagram & Bending Moment Diagram)
10. Slope and Deflection of Beams
11. Columns and Struts (Euler Theory of Column)
12. Pressure Vessels

SOM (CE) GATE Papers Analysis

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