Production Engineering Hand written Notes For GATE/ESE/PSUs

[PDF] Production Engineering Hand Written Notes

Download Mechanical Engineering most scoring topics for GATE, Engineering Services, PSUs, and Other Similar level Competitive exams. This Manufacturing Technology Notes will cover the complete syllabus of GATE, ESE, SSC JE etc. In this notes all theory, problem and explanation are given which you can grasp easily and you are able to solve previous and coming exam paper. 


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A. Theory of Metal Cutting
1. Basics of Metal Cutting.
2. Force and Power in Metal Cutting.
3. Tool wear, Tool Life and Machinability
B. Metal Forming
1. Basics of Metal Forming
2. Rolling
3. Forging
4. Extrusion and Drawing
5. Sheet Metal Operation
6. Powder metallurgy
C. Metrology
D. Metal Casting
1. Casting
2. Casting Defects
3. Special Casting
E. Engineering Materials
1. Material Science
2. Heat Treatment
F. Welding
1. Gas Welding
2. Arc Welding
3. Resistance Welding
4. Other Welding Processes
5. Related Welding Processes
6. Weld Defects
G. Lathe
H. Reciprocating Machine Tools
1. Shaper
2. Planer 
3. Slotter
I. Drilling
J. Broaching, Reaming, Boring
K. Milling
L. Gear Manufacturing
M. Thread Manufacturing
N. Grinding and Finishing
O. NC, CNC and Robotics
1. AJM
2. WJM
3. USM
4. CHM
5. ECM
6. ECG
7. EDM
8. EBM
9. LBM
10. PAM
11. IBM
Q. Jig and Fixture.


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