RAC Hand Written Notes For GATE, ESE, PSUs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Hand Written Study Material For GATE/ESE/PSUs

Download Latest Handwritten Notes of RAC based on New Syllabus of GATE and Engineering Services. These notes are prepared under the Guidance of the Best Mechanical Engineering Faculty of One of the Reputed Institute of New Delhi (INDIA).
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Contents Of This Latest Note 

Contents/Salient Features:
1.Basics of Refrigeration
2. Ideal Refrigeration cycle
3. Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle
4. Refrigerant Designation
i.Saturated Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
ii.Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
iii.Inorganic Refrigerant
5. Cascade Refrigeration
6. Vapour Absorption Refrigeration
7. Reverse Bryton /Bell Coleman Cycle
8. Refrigerant Properties [Details]
9. Air-conditioning
10. Psychrometry
11. Development of Psychrometric Chart
12. Basic Psychrometric Processes
13. 55+ Solved Problem

GATE Syllabus

Refrigeration and air-conditioning: Vapour and gas refrigeration and heat pump cycles; properties of moist air, psychrometric chart, basic psychrometric processes.

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ESE Syllabus
Vapour compression refrigeration, Refrigerants and Working cycles, Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators and Expansion devices, Other types of refrigeration systems like Vapour Absorption, Vapour jet, thermoelectric and Vortex tube refrigeration. Psychometric properties and processes, Comfort chart, Comfort and industrial air conditioning, Load calculations and Heat pumps.

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