SSC JE [Mechanical] Previous Asked Questions From Production Engineering

SSC JE [Mechanical] Previous Questions From Production Engineering Chapter

Production Engineering Syllabus for SSC JE (ME)

Steels- Classification of Steels: mild steel & alloy steel, Heat treatment of steel
Welding –Arc Welding, Gas Welding, Resistance Welding, Special Welding Techniques i.e. TIG, MIG, etc. Brazing & Soldering, Welding Defects & Testing; NDT, Foundry & Casting–methods, defects, different casting processes, Forging, Extrusion, etc 
Metal cutting principles, cutting tools, 
Basic Principles of machining with (i) Lathe (ii) Milling (iii) Drilling (iv)Shaping (v)Grinding, Machines, Tools & manufacturing processes.


Previous Asked Questions

1. In grinding operation for grinding softer materials-
(a) Coarse grain size is used
(b) Fine-grain size is used
(c) Medium grain size is used
(d) Any grain size is used
Ans- (a)

2. The material used for coating of the electrode is called-
(a) Protective layer
(b) Binder
(c) Slag
(d) Flux
Ans- (d)

3. A universal dividing head is used to perform the milling operation by
(a) Plain indexing
(b) Direct indexing
(c) Differential indexing
(d) Compound indexing
Ans- (c)

4. When turning long shaft on a lathe its bending can be prevented by?
(a) Running the shaft at low speed
(b) Using high speed
(c) Using sturdy machine
(d) Using steady rest
Ans- (d)

5. The operation of sharpening a grinding wheel is-
(a) Truing
(b) Dressing
(c) Aligning
(d) Balancing
Ans- (b)

6. In which of the following operations spindle speed be minimum
(a) Knurling
(b) Fine finishing
(c) Taper turning
(d) Thread cutting
Ans- (b)

7. For drilling operation the cylindrical job should always be clamped on a
(a) Collet
(b) Socket
(c) Jaw
(d) V-block
Ans- (c)

8. Which of the following machine doesn’t require Quick Return Mechanism?
(a) Slotter
(b) Planar
(c) Shaper
(d) Broaching
Ans- (d)

9. Milling-machine is classified as Horizontal or Vertical Type depending on the position of-
(a) Spindle
(b) Work-piece
(c) Milling Cutter
(d) Work Table or bed
Ans- (a)

10. Ideal Chip is?
(a) Heavy continuous chip
(b) Lighter continuous chip
(c) Tightly continuous chip
(d) Short broken chip
Ans- (d)

11. Reaming is the operation of: 
(a) Enlarging the end of a hole cylindrically 
(b) Cone-shaped enlargement of the end of a hole 
(c) Smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole 
(d) Sizing and finishing a hole 
Ans- (d)

12. Size of the shaper is specified by : 
(a) Length of stroke 
(b) Size of table 
(c) Maximum size of the tool 
(d) The ratio of forward to return stroke
Ans- (a)

13. In a taper turning operation, maximum and minimum diameters of the job are ‘D’ and 'd’ respectively. What is the – tapper angle, if the job length is L? 
(a) 2 tan-1 (D-d/2L)
(b) tan-1 (D-d/L) 
(c) 2 tan-1 (D-d) 
(d) 2 tan-1 (D-d/L)

14. In a shaper, metal is removed during 
(a) Forward stroke only 
(b) Return stroke only 
(c) Both the forward and the return strokes 
(d) Neither the forward stroke nor the return stroke
Ans- (a)

15. Quick return mechanism is incorporated in a 
(a) Lathe machine 
(b) Milling machine 
(c) Drilling machine 
(d) Shaping machine 

16. For which machine, are very large speed rage required? 
(a) Drilling 
(b) Shaping 
(c) Grinding 
(d) Planning 

17. The size of a shaper is specified by: 
(a) The gross weight of machine 
(b) The surface area that can be a machine in one hour 
(c) Quick return ratio 
(d) Maximum travel of the cutting tool  

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