25+ Most Important SFD and BMD Conclusions

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SFD and BMD Conclusions

25 Important points of SFD and BMD

Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram 

1. Horizontal Reaction at any support= Height of ALD [Vice Versa]
2. Vertical Reaction at any support= Height of SFD [Vice Versa]
3. Moment Reaction at any support= Height of BMD [Vice Versa]
4. At simple support, SF≠0 BM=0 
5. At Fixed Support, SF≠0, BM≠0

6. In Presence of Concentrated point load sudden change in Shear force takes place.
7. In the presence of the concentrated moment, a sudden change in Bending moment takes place.
8. Between two concentrated point loads, SF=Constant
[SFD= Horizontal Line]
9. Between two Concentrated moments, SF=0 and BM= Constant [BMD= Horizontal Line]

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SFD & BMD Conclusion Note

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