SSC JE Electrical Model Test-2

SSC JE Electrical Model Test-2

MCQ based on SSC JE Syllabus

Important for SSC JE 


1. An alternator is supplying a load of 300 kW at a power
factor of 0.6 lagging. If the power factor is raised to unity,
how many more kW can alternator supply ?
(a) 100 kW (b) 150 kW
(c) 200 kW (d) 300 kW

2. What is the maximum number of point of light, fan and
socket-outlets that can be connected in one sub-circuit ?
(a) Four (b) Six
(c) Ten (d) Twelve

3. In dc operation of fluorescent tube, the life of the tube
(a) increases by about 80$ as that with ac operation
(b) decreases by about 80$ as that with ac operation
(c) remain same

(d) may increase or decrease

4. For painful shock, what is the range of electric shock current
at 50 Hz?
(a) 0 – 1 mA (b) 0 – 3 mA

(c) 3 – 5 mA (d) 5 – 10 mA

5. The permissible voltage drop from supply terminal to any
point on the wiring system should not exceed
(a) 4% + 1 volt (b) 3% + 1 volt

(c) 2% + 1 volt (d) 1% + 1 volt

6. In batton wiring the cables are carried on seasoned teak
wood perfectly straight and well varnished teak wood
battom of thickness not less than
(a) 1 cm (b) 2 cm
(c) 3 cm (d) 4 cm

7. For cleat wiring and 250 volts supply, the cables will be
placed_____apart centre to centre for single core cables
(a) 2.5 cm (b) 3 cm

(c) 4 cm (d) 4.5 cm

8. Three wattmeter method of power measurement can be
used to measure power in
(a) Balanced circuits
(b) Unbalanced circuits
(c) Both balanced and unbalanced circuits
(d) None of the above

9. In a three phase system, the volt ampere rating is given by
(a) 3 VL IL (b) L L 3V I
(c) VL IL (d) Vph Iph

10. In a parallel RLC circuit if the lower cut-off frequency is
2400 Hz and the upper cut-off frequency is 2800 Hz what
is the bandwidth ?
(a) 400 Hz (b) 2400 Hz
(c) 2800 Hz (d) 5200 Hz

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