CIL MT Previous Solved Paper for EE/EEE/ECE [Memory Based]

CIL MT Previous Solved Paper for EE/EEE/ECE [Memory Based]

Coal India Ltd. Previous Exam Questions

This Test is based on Previous CIL MT Exam Paper. Helpful for upcoming exams. 


Useful for CIL MT and other PSUs Exams. 

Exam Held in 2011 [07 August 2011] by Coal India Ltd.

1. UHF range is?

2. Optical fiber communication is based on?
Ans- Total internal reflection

3. Balanced modulator suppress --------carrier

4. indirect method?
Ans- Armstrong method

5. the modulation index of AM wave change from 0 to 1, the Tx power is
Ans- Increase by 50%

6. a source symbol four probability 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/8. the enropy is ------1.75 bits/symbol

7. which can not demodulate SSB-----------product detector

8. a system is critically damped if system gain increase then it would be ----- underdamped
Hints: Increasing the gain reduces the stability and thus will make it underdamped.

9. Q meter based on-----------series resonance

10. a meter range is 0-50 mA then sensitivity--------------20 Kohm/volt

11. wave guide act as---------------HPF

12. which device is suitable for very low power oscillator----tunnel diode

13. Tv reception antenna--------------yagi uda

14. VSWR=(1+K)/(1-K)

15. calculate Zo .......if Zoc & Zsc Given (simple question)

16. A high Q has---------low BW

17. Unit of Conductivity----------mho/Meter

18. the shortest stub length lambda required to produce a reactance equal to----lambda/8

19. inductance in series----------L1+L2-2M

20. the value of delta n/w is given 5,15 &30 calculate Wye n/w--------3,1.5,9

21. LT[2/(s(s+1)) at t=infinite is---------2

22. energy band gap of Si?

23. Schottky diode is used for --------high voltage rectification

24. in saturation region----------bith junctions r FB

25. value of Ic & beta was given calculate Ib (very simple question)

26. ideal Opamp is-----------voltage controlled voltage source

27. if square wave is applied to differentiator o/p is--------triangular wave

28. calculate CMRR id Ad=0.35 & aCM=3500

29. eBRESS MOLL model applicable to---------BJT

30. to make N-type---------------Phosphorus

31. 1 eV=?
Ans- 1.6 x 10^-19

32. a complementary push-pull amplifier use ----NPN+PNP transistor

33. audio & power amplifier use---ferrite corew

34. 43 in Hex & BCD form-2B & 01000011

35. A+ Compliment(A)B=A+B

36. minimum no of NAND required to design AB+CD------3

37. how many 2:1 Mux use to design 4:1 Mux------------3

38. combinational ckt consist of

39. thyristor is?
Ans- a 4 layer device

40. A GTO thyristor------can be turned off By negative current pulse at gate

41. main switching element in SMPS is?

42. which of the following, not a linear data structure-------------Tree

43. a logic ckt is given-the required i/p conditiopn to make o/p 1------ans=(0,1,1)

44. which of the following pair is commonly used in the thermocouple
(A) Fe-steel
(B) Al-Sn
(C) Cu-constantan
(D) Silver-German silver

45. A Master-slave FF has the characteristics that
Ans: change in O/P occur when the state of Slave is affected'

46. The power in the signal X(t)= 8 cos(20 pi t - pi/2)+ 4 sin(15 pi t) is
(A) 40
(B) 41
(C) 42
(D) 82
Ans: 40

47. A Hartley Oscillator is used for
Ans: audio frequency oscillator
Hints: Hartley, cool Pitt, and clap all are used for Radio Frequency applications. For Audio freq its RC phase shift oscillator.

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