A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering by Made Easy

A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering by Made Easy


Book Review:

A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering is published by Made Easy Publication. It contains well-illustrated formulae & Key theory concepts. It is a must have book for all mechanical aspirant who is preparing for competitive exams. It is useful for IES, GATE, PSUs & Other competitive exams. It is revised and updated edition. You may download PDF of this book from below link as a sample. It contains key formulae of all mechanical engineering topics. To keep your concepts brush up before exam must purchase this book.

Book details:

Book Name: A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering
Publisher: Made Easy Publication
Author: ME Team
Number of Pages: 523


Unit-I: Fluid Mechanics
Unit-II: Heat and Mass Transfer
Unit-III: Basic Thermodynamics
Unit-IV: Power Plant Engineering
Unit-V: Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
Unit-VI: Internal Combustion Engine
Unit-VII: Theory of Machines
Unit-VIII: Machine Design
Unit-IX: Strength of Materials
Unit-X: Material Science & Production Engineering
Unit-XI: Industrial Engineering

Download PDF of this book [It is not the complete book but only a few pages shared by Made Easy to look inside the book.]

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