Material Science Conventional Question-Answer for ESE (Mechanical)

Material Science Conventional Question-Answer for ESE (Mechanical)


List of Important Questions:

1. What are coordination number of BCC, FCC and HCP crystal structure?
2. What are packing factors of BCC, FCC and HCP crystal structure?
3. How many slip planes are there in BCC, FCC and HCP crystal structure?
4. Show crystallographic directions [1 2 0], [1 3 3], [1 1 0 0], [1 2 0]
5. Show crystallographic planes [1 0 2], [2 2 1], [6 3 2], [10 1 0]
6. Show Burger’s vector in edge and screw dislocations.
7. Why fine grained structure is harder than coarse grain structure?
8. What is the type of solid solution (a) copper and nickel (b) Iron and carbon
9. Differentiate between the following; a) age hardening b) strain hardening c) precipitation
10. Explain the effect of mean stress on fatigue life.
11. Explain the difference between Soderberg line and Goodman line.
12. What are creep resistant alloy? Give composition of Nimonic 90 and Vitallium HS 21.
13. Differentiate between temper embrittlement and hydrogen embrittlement.
14. What is diffusion couple? Give two examples.
15. Explain how annealing and normalizing are diffusion controlled processes?
16. What is a Eutectic system? Explain copper/silver and lead/tin eutectics.
17. What are hypoeutectoid and hypereutectoid steels, explain.
18. What is 0.8% C, steel, what are its special properties?
19. What is tempered martensite?
20. What is the driving force in the formation of Spheroidite?
21. What is the difference between martempering and austempering?
22. What is the difference between nitriding and carbonitriding processes?
23. What are the high-strength low-alloy steel?
24. Give composition and use of (a) Hadfield steel (b) Maraging steel (c) Spring Steel (d) Rail Steel (e) Invar Steel
25. What is nodular cast Iron? How it is made?
26. What is Superalloy? Give composition and use of Waspalloy, and Inconel?
27. What are PTFE, Nylon 6, Nylon 610, Perspex, where they are used?
28. What are conducting polymers and conducting ceramics? Give 2 examples of each.
29. What are silicon carbide and silicon nitride, what are their strength and hardness?
30. What are dispersion strengthened and particulate composites? Give two examples of
31. Describe the following
(a) Ceramic matrix composite
(b) Metal matrix composite
(c) Carbon Carbon Composite
32. Explain the following in corrosion
(a) Redox
(b) Electrolyte
33. Explain (a) Degradation of polymer (b) Corrosion of Ceramics
34. Give composition and uses of Permalloy and Cammalloy

Find the detailed solution of all above questions [30+ question] in this note. Follow below link to download it.
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