SSC JE Electrical 2009 MCQ Test-2

SSC JE Electrical 2009 MCQ Test-2

This MCQ Test is based on SCC JE 2009 official Paper.
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Multiple Choice Questions from Previous SSC JE Exam Papers

26. The permissible variation of frequency in power system Ps is:
(A) ±1%
(B) ±3%
(C) ±5%
(D) ±10%

27. For coding of large size generators hydrogen is used because:
(A) it offers reduced fire risk
(B) it is light in weight
(C) it is of high thermal conductivity
(D) All the above

28. The connected load of a consumer is 2 kW and his maximum demand is 1.5 kW. The demand factor of the consumer is:
(A) 0.75
(B) 0.375
(C) 1.33
(D) 1

29. To meet the reactive power requirements at load centres usually:
(A) Shunt capacitors are used
(B) Series capacitors are used
(C) Shunt reactors are used
(D) Tap changing transformers are used

30. The power factor will be leading in case of:
(A) Dielectric heating
(B) Resistance heating
(C) Induction heating
(D) All the above

31. Which instrument has the lowest resistance?
(A) Ammeter
(B) Voltmer
(C) Megger
(D) Frequency meter

32. The moving coil in a dynamometer wattmeter is connected :
(A) in series with the fixed coil
(B) across the supply
(C) in series with the load
(D) Anyone of the above

33. In an R-L-C circuit susceptance is equal to :
(A) 1/X
(B) 1/R
(C) R/Z2
(D) X/Z2

34. The current read by the ammeter A in the AC circuit shown in the following figure is:
(A) 9 A
(B) 5 A
(C) 3 A
(D) 1 A

35. A 4-pole generator with 16 coils has a two-layer lap winding. The pole pitch is
(A) 32
(B) 16
(C) 8
(D) 4

36. Two coupled coils with L1 = L2 =0.6 H have a coupling coefficient of K = 0.8 The turn ratio N1/N2 is
(A) 4
(B) 2
(C) 1
(D) 0.5

37. The voltage across the various element arc marked, as shown in the figure given below. The input voltage is:
(A) 27V
(C) 10V V
(B) 24V
(D) 5V

38. The principle of dynamically induced emf is utilised is :
(A) Choke
(B) Transformer
(C) Thermocouple
(D) Generator

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