SSC JE Electrical Mains/Conventional Must-Read Topics

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SSC JE Electrical Mains/Conventional Must-Read Topics

SSC JE Electrical Important Topics

This analysis of previous SSC JE EE conventional/subjective papers will help you to make a priority of the subjects for better result output.


Priority List:

1. Magnetic Circuit:
-Calculation of Flux
-Electromagnetic Solenoid
2. Network Theorem
-Thevenin's / Norton's theorem
-Maximum power transfer theorem
-Mesh and Node Analysis
3. AC Circuits
-Simple circuit problem-solving voltage/current/power/pf
-Inductance calculation
-Capacitance calculation
-Phasor calculation
4. The Resistance temperature coefficient calculation at the different temperature.
5. Resonance circuit simple numerical calculation

#Note: The above topics will helps you to score around 50-60 marks in the examination. For more, you have to read not only these topics but read as much as possible. 

For detailed syllabus of Electrical Engineering Click here.

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