[PDF] Metal Cutting & Tool Life (Production Engineering) IES Academy Book

[PDF] Metal Cutting & Tool Life (Production Engineering) IES Academy Book

Learn Concepts of Production Engineering along with 20 years GATE, IES, IAS Solved Papers. Very much useful for Mechanical and Production Engineering aspirants. 


Theory of Metal Cutting & Tool Life 
* Classification of Manufacturing Process 
* Machining 
* Machine tool 
* Geometry of single point turning tool 
* ASA or ANSI system 
* Nose radius 
* Orthogonal rake system (ORS) 
* Mechanism of chip formation 
* Built – up – Edge (BUE) formation 
* Shear angle 
* Assumption in the Merchant theory 
* Limitations of use of MCD 
* Theory of Lee and Shaffer 
* Metal Removal Rate (MRR) 
* Tool Wear, Flank Wear, Crater wear 
* Tool life criteria 
* Wear Mechanism 
* Abrasion wear, Adhesion wear, Diffusion wear 
* Tool life 
* Rake angle 
* Machinability 

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Book Name- Production Engineering
For- Mechanical Engineering
Author- IES Academy

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Metal Cutting & Tool Life [PDF]

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