[PDF] Engineering Math Handwritten Note for All Branches

[PDF] Engineering Math Handwritten Note for All Branches

GATE Math Contents

1. Linear Algebra
2. Calculus
3. Vector Calculus
4. Differential Equations
5. Complex Variables
6. Probability & Statistics
7. Numerical Methods
Content Credit: K. Manikantta Reddy

This book is intended to provide basic knowledge on Engineering Mathematics to the GATE aspirants. Even though the syllabus is the same, the questions appearing in different papers follows different patterns. So the GATE aspirants are advised to go through their respective paper syllabus (available in official GATE website) and previous question papers to understand the depth of the subject required to prepare for GATE exam. Most of the solved problems in this material are the questions appeared in EC/EE/ME/CE/IN/PI papers. So the remaining branches students are advised to solve the previous problems from their respective papers. EE branch students are advised to prepare transform theory, which is not available in this book.

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