[PDF] Concrete Technology Handwritten Note for SSC JE

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Concrete Technology Handwritten Note for SSC JE

Concrete Technology

Concrete Technology Handwritten Notes available in PDF for Junior Engineer Exams. Follow below link to download the note.


SSC JE Syllabus

Concrete Technology: Properties, Advantages and uses of concrete, cement aggregates, Importance of water quality, water-cement ratio, workability, mix design, storage, batching, mixing, placement, compaction, finishing and curing of concrete, quality control of concrete, hot weather and cold weather concreting, repair and maintenance of concrete structures. 

Contents of the Note
Functions of ingredients of OPC raw material
Bogue's Compound
Types of Cement
Testing of Portland Cement
(i) Physical Testing
(ii) Fitness Test
(iii) Consistency Test
(iv) Setting time Test
(v) Soundness Test
(vi) Compressive strength Test
(vii) Tensile Strength Test
(i) Accelerators
(ii) Retarders
(iii) Plasticizers
(iv) Super Plasticizers
(v) Air Entraining
(vi) Air Detraining
(vii) Pozzolanic
(viii) Corrosion Inhibiting
Water & Water Cement Ratio
Process of Manufacturing of Concrete
Ductility of concrete
Concrete Grades




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