[PDF] Environmental Engineering Handwritten Notes for SSC JE

[PDF] Environmental Engineering Handwritten Notes for SSC JE

Environmental Engg.

Environmental Engg. Handwritten Notes are available for SSC JE in PDF. Please follow below link to download the complete note. This SSC JE Civil Handwritten Notes PDF will help you to score better in the SSC JE Tier-1 and Tier-2 examination.


SSC JE Syllabus

Environmental Engineering: Quality of water, source of water supply, purification of water, distribution of water, need of sanitation, sewerage systems, circular sewer, oval sewer, sewer appurtenances, sewage treatments. Surface water drainage. Solid waste management – types, effects, engineered management system. Air pollution – pollutants, causes, effects, control. Noise pollution – cause, health effects, control. 


For SSC JE- Env. Engg. Handwritten Note [PDF] 

For GATE- 
Environment Engineering GATE Notes [Free Version]
Environmental Engineering GATE Notes [Latest Version]

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