[PDF] Elementary Engineering Handwritten Note

[PDF] Elementary Engineering Handwritten Note

Elementary Engineering Syllabus

Elementary Engineering.—Electric circuits, circuit law principles of superposition, Thevenin's theorem, Introductions to periodic function. Series and parallel connection in steeds' AC. a circuit having inductions, resistance and capacitance, Transister Junction diodes. Equivalent circuit. Common Emitter Equivalent circuit, magnetic effect of an electric current, Magnetic circuits, Ideal Transformer, transformer as -a circuit element, Electromagnetic energy conversion, D.C. Motors and Generator performance A.C. Motor and Generator performance.

Check- BPSC AE Syllabus

Elementary Engineering Notes
It includes two-notes: 
a. Elementary Engineering-I
b. Elementary Engineering-II

Elementary Engineering-I includes- Electrical Circuits and Electronic Devices.
Elementary Engineering-II includes- Magnetic Circuits and Electrical Machines.

Download Link of these notes available at the bottom of this post.


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