Subject-wise Recommended Books For GATE Chemical Engineering

Subject-wise Recommended Books For GATE Chemical Engineering

List of Suggested books

Engineering Mathematics -B.S. Grewal

Chemical Engineering for GATE -Ram Prasad

Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering- David.M.Himmelblau

Thermodynamics A Textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - K. V. Narayanan.

An Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-J. M. Smith, H. C. Van Ness, M. M. Abbott

Fluid Mechanics Introduction To Fluid Mechanics (English) 7th Edition (paperback) ... by Yunus A. Cengel, John M. Cimbala

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics- Fox and Mcdonald

Mechanical Operation Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering -Warren McCabe, Julian Smith, Peter Harriott

Mechanical Operation For Chemical Engineering by Narayanan C. M. & Bhattacharyya B. C

Heat Transfer Heat Transfer- Binay.K.Dutta

Heat Transfer - Jack Philip Holman

Chemical Reaction Engineering Chemical Reaction Engineering- Fogler & Gurmen

Chemical Reaction Engineering- Octave Levenspiel

Process Dynamics and Control Process Systems Analysis and Control - Donald R. Coughanowr & Steven E. LeBlanc

Chemical Process Control An Introduction To Theory And Practice- Stephanopoulos.G

Process dynamics and control - Seborg, D.E., Edgar, T.F. and Mellichamp, D.A

Plant design and Economics- Peters M. S. and Timmerhaus K. D

Chemical Technology Dryden’s Outlines of Chemical Technology by Gopala Rao M. and Marshall S

Transport Phenomena R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart, Edwin N. Lightfoot

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