300+ Design of Steel Structures MCQ

Design of Steel Structures MCQ

Multiple Choice Questions on Steel Structures

stress corresponding to its slenderness ratio is 625 kg/cm2, the safe load-carrying capacity of the member, is
(A) 10 tonnes
(B) 12 tonnes
(C) 15 tonnes
(D) 18 tonnes
Answer- C


The ratio of plastic section modulus to elastic section modulus
(A) Is equal to 1
(B) Is always less than 1
(C) Is always greater than 1
(D) Can be less than 1
Answer- C

Bulb angles are used in
(A) Column building
(B) Bridge-building
(C) Shipbuilding
(D) Water tank building
Answer- C

The diameter of a bolt hole is taken as the nominal diameter of the bolt plus
(A) 1.0 mm
(B) 1.2 mm
(C) 1.4 mm
(D) 1.6 mm
Answer- D

The minimum thickness of a steel plate, which is directly exposed to weather and is not accessible for cleaning and repainting, should be:
(A) 4.5 mm
(B) 6 mm
(C) 8 mm
(D) 10 mm
Answer- C

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