SSC JE 27-10-2020 Exam Paper [Memory Based] For All Branches

 SSC JE 27-10-2020 Exam Paper [Memory Based] For All Branches


Mechanical Engineering Memory Based Questions

  • R-717 Refrigerant
  • Lancashire boiler Pressure range
  • Fluid which have velocity gradient zero then viscosity occur
  • Shear stress is directly proportional to deformation follow fluid- Newtonian
  • Domestic Refrigerant- R-12
  • In Boiler Fusible plug?
  • Where fuel is burn in furnace?
  • The kinematic Energy factor for Laminar Pipe flow? -2/3/4/5   (Ans-2)
  • Vacuum Pressure?
  • Cochran Boiler is-
  • Locomotive Boiler- Fire Tube/Water Tube
  • Which of the following is Force circulation Boiler
  • The efficiency of Carnot  Engine T1=1990, T2= 850
  • Buoyancy force
  • For the floating body which is responsible- Meta-centric height
  • Coefficient of Discharge, Cd= CcX Cv
  • A device which measure small Pressure accurately?- Single Tube Inclined Manometer/Manometer
  • Friction Factor in Laminar Flow- 32/Re, 16/Re, 64/Re
  • Moment= FXL
  • Varignon Theorem
  • Mechanical Efficiency= SP/RP
  • Velocity component in StreamLine Flow
  • Another name of Air Standard Efficiency- Overall Efficiency
  • Power, P is directly proportional to N2
  • Blowoff cock – To discharge mud
  • Degree of Freedom of Super structure= Negative
  • Degree of Freedom of Locked Chain=
  • Cavitation
  • Two links have relative motion called- Mechanism
  • Work Formula- Difference in Enthalpy
  • In Otto Cycle- 2 Constant Volume Process & 2 Adiabatic Process
  • Iron+Carbon
  • Ability to stand in high Temperature is called- Refractory
  • Vortex Flow
  • Centrifugal Pump is reverse of Inward flow

General Awareness Memory based Questions

  • Metal which became liquid in hand- Zn/Mg/Galium (Ans- Galium)
  • Metal which can cut through knife? (Ans- Na)
  • Full form of CAA?
  • Kynrem Waterfall located in?
  • First CDS? (Ans- Bipin Rawat)
  • Khelo India Youth Game 2020 in? (Ans- Guwahati)
  • Education is in Concurrent List.
  • First M. Venkyanaydu Award winner?- Ramchandra Guha/ MS Swaminathan/ Shashi Tharoor  (Ans- M S Swaminathan)
  • Khilafat Committee formed in- (Ans-March 1919 in Mumbai)
  • Muslim League formed in- 1906
  • World Rapid Chess Championship 2019 winner
  • Bardoli Satyagrah - (Ans-Ballabh Bhai Patel) 
  • 22 Oct 1764 which battle? (Ans- Battle of Buxar)
  • The total value of Goods and Services produced (Ans- GDP)
  • Waren Hesting first the governor-general of Bengal in? (Ans- 1773)
  • First Rank in Good Governance index in 2019? (Ans- Tamilnadu)
  • In 1498 India is discovered by? (Ans- Vacodegama)
  • Eye related problem is due to deficiency of which vitamin- (Ans- Vit-A)
  • 1964-1971 is for which Generation of Computer? (Ans- Third Generation)
  • The transparent part of Eye (Ans- Cornea)
  • Which has more Rod Cell and Less cone cell (Ans- Owl)
  • 2nd Backward class commission formed in? (Ans- 1 Jan 1979)
  • Slacked Lime?
  • Total Biosphere Reserve in India? (Ans-18)
  • Mani Mobile App launched by (Ans-RBI)
  • The mirror used in Periscope? (Ans- Plane Mirror)
Reasoning Questions
  • Mirror Question
  • Paper Folding

NB: More Questions will be added soon, so please keep refreshing it. If found any error in these questions or you have questions please comment below.


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