SSC JE Civil/Structural Mains/Conventional 2018 Solution [Part-1]

SSC JE Civil Mains/Conventional 2018 Part-1 Solution 

SSC JE Mains 2018 Questions

In this article, you will get a detailed video solution of each question of SSC JE Mains 2018 for the Civil/Structural Engineering branch. So, Let's start...

Q. 1 (a) For a town with a population of 2 lakhs, a water supply scheme is to be designed. The maximum daily demand may be assumed as 200 litres/capita/day. The storage reservoir is situated 5 km away from the town. Assuming a loss of Head from Source to town as 10m and coefficient of friction for the pipe material as .012, recommend the size of supply main 50% of daily demand has to be pumped in 8hrs for the proposed Scheme. [SSC JE 2018- 15 Marks]

Q. 1(b) A certain clay layer has a thickness of 5 m. After 1 year, when the clay was 50% Consolidated 8 cm of settlement had occurred. For a similar clay &loading Condition, how much settlement would occur at the end of 1 year and 4 years respectively, if the thickness of the new layer is 25m? [SSC JE 2018- 15 Marks]

Q. 1(C) What is irrigation Efficiency &Explain different Type of irrigation Efficiencies? [SSC JE 2018-15 Marks]

Q. 1(d) The Speed of overtaking and overtaken Vehicles are 70 and 40 kmph respectively, on a two-way traffic road. The average acceleration during overtaking may be assumed as .99 m/s2 [ SSC JE 2018- 15 Marks] (i) Calculate Safe OSD (ii) What is the Minimum Length of overtaking Zone

Question No-2 Detalided Solution Check here- Watch Video

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