[PDF] C Programming Language | Programming in C (Notes)

[PDF] C Programming Language | Programming in C (Notes)

Programming and Data Structures

Programming in C. Recursion. Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists, trees, binary search trees, binary heaps, graphs.

Contents of the Study Material (Programming in C)
Module-1: C Language Fundamentals. Character set, Identifiers, keywords, data types, constants and variables, statements, expressions, operators, the precedence of operators, Input-output, Assignments, control structures decision making, and branching. 


Module-2: Arrays, Functions, and Strings: Declaration, manipulation, and String – handling functions, monolithic vs. Modular programs, user-defined vs. standard functions, formal vs. actual arguments, function – category, function prototypes, parameter passing, recursion, and storage classes: auto, extern, global, static. 

Module-3: Pointers, Structures, Unions, File handling: Pointer variable and its importance, pointer arithmetic, passing parameters, Declaration of structures, pointer to pointer, pointer to a structure, pointer to a function, union, dynamic memory allocation, file management. 


Contents of the Handwritten Note (Programming Language)
Programming Language Handwritten Note

Module: 1 
Lecture 1: Introduction to C 
Lecture 2: Structure of C, compilation, execution 
Lecture 3:character set, identifiers, keywords 
Lecture 4: constants, variables 
Lecture 5: expression, operators 
Lecture 6: operators 
Lecture 7: loops: do-while, while 
Lecture 8: for loop, break, continue statement 
Lecture 9: Control Statements 
Lecture 10: nesting of if-else…, if-else ladder 
Lecture 11: arrays 
Lecture 12: 2-dimensional array

Module: 2
Lecture 13: String library functions 
Lecture 14: functions, categories 
Lecture 15: functions categories
Lecture 16: Actual arguments and Formal arguments, call by value call by reference 
Lecture 17:local, global, static variable 
Lecture 18: monolithic vs modular programming, Storage classes
Lecture 19:storage class, pointer
Lecture 20: pointer comparison, increment decrement 
Lecture 21: precedence level of the pointer, pointer comparison
Lecture 22: pointer to pointer, the pointer to the structure 
Lecture 23: pointer initialization, accessing elements

Module: 3 
Lecture 24: the size of Structure in, array vs structure, array within the structure 
Lecture 25: passing structure to function, Nested Structure 
Lecture 26: Union 
Lecture 27: nesting of unions, dynamic memory allocation 
Lecture 28: dynamic memory allocation
Lecture 29: dynamic array, file 
Lecture 30: file operation 
Lecture 31: file operation on a string 
Lecture 32: 
Lecture 33:

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