Theory of Machine Handwritten Notes For GATE/ESE/PSUs

Theory of Machine Handwritten Notes For GATE/ESE/PSUs

TOM Note Contains

1. Simple Mechanism
2. Velocity Analysis
3. Acceleration Analysis
4. Gear
5. Gear Trains
6. Governor
7. Analysis of Single slider crank mechanism
8. Flywheel
9. Balancing
10. Mechanical Vibration
11. Gyroscope


Total number of Pages: 135+

GATE 2018 Syllabus of Theory Of Machine:

Theory of Machines: Displacement, velocity, and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms; dynamic analysis of linkages; cams; gears and gear trains; flywheels and governors; balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses; gyroscope.
Vibrations: Free and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems, the effect of damping; vibration isolation; resonance; critical speeds of shafts.

**This Note will cover both Theories of Machine & Vibrations of the GATE Syllabus.**

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Topic wise analysis of Theory of Machine from GATE 2018

Mechanism- 2 Question
Velocity & Acceleration analysis- 2 Question
Gear & Gear Trains- 2 Question
Dynamic Analysis- 1 Question
Vibration Analysis- 3 Question
Cam & Follower- 1 Question
Total= 11 Questions