Industrial Engineering Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs

Industrial Engineering Handwritten Notes for GATE, ESE, PSUs

Industrial Engineering and Economics

GATE 2017 Syllabus:
Production Planning and Control: Forecasting models, aggregate production planning, scheduling, materials requirement planning.
Inventory Control: Deterministic models; safety stock inventory control systems.
Operations Research: Linear programming, simplex method, transportation, assignment, network flow models, simple queuing models, PERT and CPM.

Book Recommended for Industrial Engineering [GATE Mechanical Paper]:

This GATE Mechanical Paper constitutes of two university paper Operation Research and Industrial Engineering.
Weightage of these two are 80% and 20% respectively.
OR- 80%
IE- 20%
So we need two separate books to cover this Paper-
Operation Research:
1. Kanti Swaroop Or
2. Heera and Gupta & ND Vohra

Industrial Engineering and Economics:
1. Mahajan Or
2. OP Khanna Or
3. Ravi Shankar

Every book not only contains the Syllabus of the respective exams but also other things which are not in Syllabus. So, it is a very challenging job to find out syllabus from the book and left rest part as this is a time-consuming process. So we recommend you to read from any institute's handwritten notes which will cover the whole syllabus. Here we are presenting Latest Updated notes of Industrial Engineering from one of the most reputed institutes in Delhi @ very less price. Do read this note and feel the quality with well-explained theory, problem and explanation.


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Contents of The Industrial Engineering Handwritten Notes:

1. Introduction and BEA
2. Inventory
3. Sequencing
5. Forecasting
6. Line Balancing
7. Queuing
8. Work study
9. SQC
10. Linear Programming
11. MRP & VE

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