RRB JE Exam Held ON 14-12-2014 PAPER CODE- RED TSD001114 (Part-3)

RRB JE Exam Held ON 14-12-2014

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51. Which one of the following is not a scalar quantity?
A. Volume
B. Mass
C. Force
D. Length
Answer:  C

52. In a well-conditioned triangle, no angle should be less then :
A. 60o
B. 50o
C. 30o
D. 45o
Answer:  C
53. The reduced bearing of a line is N 87o W. Its whole circle bearing is :
A. 273o
B. 3o
C. 93o
D. 87o
Answer:  A
54. The resultant of two forces P and Q acting at an angle θ is given by :
A. √(P2 + Q2 + 2PQ tanθ)
B. √(P2 + Q2 + 2PQ sinθ)
C. √(P2 + Q2 + 2PQ cosθ)
D. P2 + Q2 + 2PQ tanθ
Answer:  C
55. Primary storage in computer terminology refers to :
A. Hard Disc Drive
B. Random Access Memory (RAM)
C. Read Only Memory (ROM)
D. The storage device where the operating system is stored
Answer:  B
56. In an examination, a student gets 4 marks for every correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If her attempts in all 60 questions and secures 130 marks, then fine the number of questions he attempted correctly.
A. 42
B. 48
C. 36
D. 38
Answer:  D
57. The Fundamental Duties of the Indian Citizens are incorporated in the following Artice of our constitution?
A. Article 21 A
B. Article 51 A
C. Article 370 A
D. Article 19 A
Answer:  B
58. If x/y =9/5, then find the value of (x2 + y2)/(x2 – y2)
A. 11
B. 61/11
C. 11/5
D. 6
Answer:  B
59. Which device changes the alternatting e.m.f. generated by the D.C. Generator in its armature coil to D.C. ?
A. Slipring
B. Rectifier
C. Commutator
D. None of these
Answer:  C
60. A simply supported beam of length L is loaded with a uniformly distributed load of w per unit lenth. The maximum bending moment will be:
A. wL2/4
B. wL2/8
C. wL2/2
D. wL2
Answer:  B
61. Jama Masjid at Delhi was built by:
A. Akbar
B. Jahangir
C. Shah Jahan
D. Aurangzeb
Answer:  C
62. Arrange the fractions 3/5. 4/7, 8/9 and 9/11 in their descending order :
A. 8/9 > 9/11 > 3/5 > 4/7
B. 9/11 > 8/9 > 4/7 > 3/5
C. 3/5 > 4/7 > 8/9 > 9/11
D. 4/7 > 8/9 > 3/5 > 9/11
Answer:  A
63. Find the average of all prime numbers between 30 and 50 :
A. 48
B. 39
C. 39.8
D. 38
Answer:  C
64. Acyclotron is a :
A. Bunch of Gamma Rays
B. High Frequency Oscillator
C. Particle Accelerator
D. None of these
Answer:  C
65. Who is the winner of Nobel Prize, 2014 in the field of Economics ?
A. Patrick Modiano
B. MAlala Yousafzai
C. Jean Tirole
D. Kailash Satyarthi
Answer:  C
66. The Indian Standard Time(I.S.T.) is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (G.M.T.) by :
A. 6. hours
B. 5 hours
C. 6 hours 30 minutes
D. 5 hours 30 minutes
Answer:  D
67. Which of the following processes is generally used for mass producation of connecting rod of Auromobile Engines ?
A. Sand Casting
B. Cold Heading
C. Forging
D. Spinning
Answer:  C
68. The load which does not change its magnitude and position with time is called
A. Live load
B. Dynamic load
C. Creep load
D. Dead load
Answer:  D

69. A byte is group of :
A. 2 bits
B. 4 bits
C. 8 bits
D. 16 bits
Answer: C
70. If log8 x = 2/3, then the value of ‘x’ is :
A. 16/3
B. 4/3
C. 12
D. 4
Answer:  D

71. ________ will translate the complete programme at once from a high level language to the machine language.
A. Compiler
B. Assembler
C. Joystick
D. Bus
Answer:  A

72. Pipe ‘P’ can fill a tank in 36 hours and pipe ‘Q’ can fill this tank in 45 hours. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously, then how much time will be taken to fill this tank ?
A. 20 hours
B. 40 1/2 hours
C. 9 hours
D. 42 hours
Answer:  A

73. Find out the term which is different from other terns in the following :
22, 33, 66, 99, 121, 279, 594
A. 99
B. 121
C. 279
D. 594
Answer:  C

74. A CRO can display:
A. D.C. signals only
B. A.C. signals only
C. Both D.C and A.C. signals
D. Time – invariant signals
Answer:  C

75. The ‘Quit India Movement’ was launched in the year:
A. 1920 A.D.
B. 1930 A.D.
C. 1942 A.D.
D. 1946 A.D.
Answer: C

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