RRB JE Exam Held ON 14-12-2014 PAPER CODE- RED TSD001114 (Part-4)

RRB JE Exam Held ON 14-12-2014
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76. If a thin rectangular plate of 60 mm X 30 mm is inclined at an angle of 60o to the Horizontal Plane, its top view may be :
A. Square of 30 mm size
B. Square of 60 mm size
C. Rectangle of 60 mm X 45 mm size
D. Rectangle of 45 mm X 30 mm size
Answer:  A

77. A file which contains transient data to be processed in combination with master file is called:
A. Sequential file
B. Master file
C. Random organization file
D. Transmission file
Answer:  D
78. Find the missing them of the following series :
BZA, DYX, FXE, ______, JVL.
Answer:  A

79. Who is the President of China ? (As on 01.11.2014)
A. Li Keqiang
B. Xi Jinping
C. Shinzo Abe
D. Hu Jintao
Answer:  B

80. Zeroth Law of thermodynamics forms the basis of __________ measurement.
A. Pressure
B. Temperature
C. Work
D. Momentum
Answer:  B

81. Who wrote ‘ Indica’ ?
A. Kautilya
B. Kalidasa
C. Shudraka
D. Magesthenes
Answer:  D

82. Red rot is a plant disease which affects:
A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Sugarcane
D. Cotton
Answer:  C

83. Which one of the following is also known as Red Planet ?
A. Mercury
B. Venus
C. Earth
D. Mars
Answer:  D

84. Find the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock when the time is 10.25 hours i.e., 25 minutes pass 10 ?
A. 180o
B. 165o
C. 162 1o/2
D. 152 1o/2
Answer:  C

85. Which of the following Amplifiers produces the least distortion ?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class AB
D. Class C
Answer:  A

86. What is 15 % of 34 kg ?
A. 3.4 kg
B. 3.75 kg
C. 4.50 kg
D. 5.10 kg
Answer:  D

87. Who is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu ? (As on
A. Mr. O. Pannerselvam
B. Mr. J. Jayalalitha
C. Mr. Karunanidhi
D. Mr. Dayanidhi Maran
Answer:  A
88. Which of the following is a universal gate ?
Answer:  B

89. Who is the Chairperson of National Commission for Women in India ? (As on 01.11.2014)
A. Jayanti Patnaik
B. Girija Vyas
C. Mamta Sharma
D. Lalitha Kumaramangalam
Answer:  D

90. BOD(Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand) of safe drinking water must be :
A. 0
B. 50 ppm
C. 100 ppm
D. 200 ppm
Answer:  A

91. In an examination, 35% of the students passed and 455 failed. How many students appeared for the examination?
A. 700
B. 1300
C. 845
D. 1250
Answer:  A

92. Pointing to a man in a photograph, Asha said, ” His mother’s only daughter is my mother”. How is the man related to Asha ?
A. Brother
B. Maternal Uncle
C. Grand father
D. Father
Answer:  B

93. Galena is an ore of :
A. Lead
B. Copper
C. Aluminium
D. Iron
Answer:  A

94. Which of the following is a presentation graphics software?
A. MS Windows
B. MS Word
C. MS Excel
D. MS PowerPoint
Answer:  D

95. Boyle’s ;aw states that :
A. The pressure of a gas varies directly with remperature at constant volume i.e. Pat.
B. The product of pressure and volume of a given mass of as gas is constant at constant temperature i.e. PV = constant.
C. The volume of a gas varies directly with temperature at constant pressure i.e. VaT.
D. The pressure of a gas varies directly with volum at constant temperature i.e. PaT.
Answer:  B

96. Weld spatter is a/an :
A. Flux
B. Electrode
C. Welding defect
D. None of these
Answer:  C

97. The nucleus of an atom generally, contains :
A. Protons and Neutrons
B. Protons and Electrons
C. Electrons and Neutrons
D. Only Neutrons
Answer:  A

98. The dimensions of a brick are 10 cm X 4 cm X 3cm. What is the total surface area of the brick ?
A. 82 cm2
B. 164 cm2
C. 120 cm2
D. 180 cm2
Answer:  B
99. A bullet is fired vertically upwards with a velocity of 196 m/sec. What is the maximum height reached by the bullet ? (Assuming g = 9.8 m/seccm2)
A. 1960 m
B. 196 m
C. 980 m
D. 490 m
Answer:  A

100. With which of the following, the intrinsic semi conductor Silicon be doped in order to obtain p-type semi-conductor ?
A. Boron
B. Phosphorus
C. Gallium
D. None of these
Answer:  A

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