RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014 PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214 (Part-5)

RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014
PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214


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101. In Submerged Arc Welding, the arc is produced between
A. a bare metal electrode and work piece
B. a tungsten electrode and work piece
C. A carbon electrode and work piece
D. any type of electrode can be used
Answer: A

102. for Welding process. which is NOT correct.
A. Welding size depends on contact area of the face of Electrodes
B. Metal fusing takes place by raising the temperature to fusion point
C. In Pressure welding, the ends of metals pieces as joined in Elastic state
D. Gas flame is used as heat source in gas welding
Answer: C

103. In overhead welding position, which is correct option.
A. work pieves lie flat, welding is done from upper side of join
B. welding is performed from the underside of joint
C. this position is most simple operation as compared to flat position
D. most suitable for Submerged Arc process
Answer: B

104. Soft iron is used in the manufacture of electromagnets because of its
A. high saturation magnetisation only
B. low retentivity only
C. low coercive field only
D. high saturation magnetisation, low retentivity and low coercive field
Answer: C

105. Which of the following is piezo-electric material?
A. Quartz
B. Silica Sand
C. Corundum
D. Polystyrene

106. Which three-phase connection can be used in a transformet to introduce a phase difference of 30o between its output and corresponding input line voltages?
A. Star-Delta
B. Star-Star
C. Delta-Delta
D. Delta-Zigzag
Answer: A

107. If two conductors carry current in the same direction
A. Conductors attract each other
B. Conductors are in resonance
C. Conductors repel each other
D. Voltage between two conductors increases
Answer: A

108. According to Joule’s Law, heat energy produced by a Current I while flowing through a conductor of Resistance R for a Length L and Time T, is proportional to
A. T only

109. Reciprocal of magnetic permeability is
A. Conductance
B. Susceptance
C. reluctivity
D. Permittivity
Answer: C

110. A material is said to have become superconductor when
A. its resistance becomes negative
B. its resistance becomes very small
C. its resistance decreases
D. its resistance becomes zero
Answer: D

111. When a given transformer is operating at its rated voltage with reduced frequency, its
A. Iron losses are reduced
B. Flux density remains unaffected
C. Core flux density is increased
D. Core flux density is reduced
Answer: C

112. The armature core of a d.c. machine is usually made of laminated sheets in order to
A. reduce hysteresis loss
B. reduce armature copper lossers
C. reduce eddy current
D. increases its surface area for better dissipation of hear
Answer: C

113. To reduce air pollution due to amoke, ___________ are used in thermal power plants.
A. reheaters
B. superheaters
C. induced draft fans
D. Electrostatic precipitators
Answer:  D

114. Match Col. X (Instrument) with Col. Y (Use)
Col. X                                                                     Col. Y
P. Transformer                                              1. Measures Current
Q. Rectifier                                                  2. Insulation Resistance
R. Ammeter                                                   3. Steps down Voltage
S. Megger meter                                           4. Converts AC input to Unipolar output
A. P-3, Q-4, R-1, S-2
B. P-3, Q-1, R-4, S-2
C. P-4, Q-3, R-2, S-1
D. P-3, Q-1, R-2, S-4
Answer: A

115. Fet is a device which has
A. high input impedance and is current controlled
B. low input impedance and is voltage controlled
C. high input impedance and is voltage controlled
D. low input impedance and is current controlled
Answer: C

116. Which gate corresponds to the action of parallel switches?
A. AND gate
B. OR gate
C. NAND gate
D. NOR gate
Answer: B

117. Which of the following contributes to harmonics distortion in amplifiers?
A. Non-linearity in active device
B. Defective device
C. presence of noise
D. positive feedback
Answer: A

118. Select the Statement which is NOT correct.
A. The magnetic amplifier is device for amplifying electrical signals
B. A transistor is composed of semiconductor material
C. p-n diode is based upon p-n junction
D. Potentiometer controls audio signals
Answer: D

119. The main advantage of a bridge rectifiler over full wave rectifier with centre tapped transformer is
A. less ripple
B, No transformer is needed
C. peak inverse voltage of each diode is half
D. PIV of each diode is double
Answer: C

120. Wheatstone bridge is used to measure
A. low values of current and high values of current
B. high values of current
C. Low value of voltages
D. resistance values
Answer: D

121. When donor type impurity is added to a semi-conductor material
A. electrons are generated and material is N-type
B. electrons are generated and material is P-type
C. holes are generated and material is called P-type
D. holes are generated and material is called N-type
Answer: A

122. To increase bandwidth, the distributed amplifier utilizes.
A. common base configuration
B. Transmission line
C. tuned Circuit
D. Cascade amplifier
Answer: B

123. A p-n junction diode’s dynamic conductance is directly proportional to
A. the applied voltage
B. the templerature
C. its current
D. the termal voltage
Answer: C

124. King closers are related to
A. doors and windown
B. King post truss
C. Queen Post truss
D. Brick Masonry
Answer: D

125. Seasoning of timber is required to
A. Soften the timber
B. Harden the timber
C. Straighten the timber
D. Remove sap from the timber
Answer: D

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