RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014 PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214 (part-4)

RRB SSE Exam Held ON 21-12-2014
PAPER CODE- Yellow TSG001214

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76. The perimeters of a circular field and a square field are equal. If the area of the square field is 12100 m2, the area of the circular field will be
A. 15500 m2
B. 15400 m2
C. 15200 m2
D. 15300 m2
Answer: B

77. If the height of a cone is doubled, then the increase in its volume is
A. 100%
B. 200%
C. 300%
D. 400%
Answer: A

78. An angle is one-fifth of its supplement. The measure of the angle is
A. 15o
B. 30o
C. 75o
D. 150o
Answer: B

79. The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60o and the foot of the ladder is 7.5 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is
A. 15 m
B. 14.86 m
C. 15.64 m
D. 15.8 m
Answer: A

80. Select the option to replace ____ such that pattern in given number series is continued.
6, 13, 25, 51, 101, ___
A. 201
B. 202
C. 203
D. 205
Answer: C

81. Select the option to replace ____ in given alphabet series to continue the pattem.
WFB, TGD, QHG, ____
Answer: B

82. In given letter series, some of the letters are missing which are given in that order in options. Select the correct option.
A. aaaaa
B. ccccc
C. bbbbb
D. ddddd
Answer: A

83. Select the option that shows similar relation as between given words.
Attack : Defend
A. Gradual : Abrupt
B. Sedate : Calm
C. Assign : Allot
D. House : Home
Answer: A

84. Select the option such that realtion between words on either side is similar.
Vigilant : Alert :: Viable : ?
A. Active
B. Hopeless
C. Feasible
D. Useful
Answer: C

85. Select the odd one out.
A. Iron
B. Nickel
C. Cobalt
D. Aluminium
Answer: D

86. D is taller than C and E. A is not as tall ad E. C is taller than A. D is not as tall as B. Who among them is next to the tallest one ?
A. A
B. D
C. B or D
D. C
Answer: B

87. X walks 10 km towards North, From there, he walks 6 km towards South. Then, he walks 3 km towards East. How far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting point?
A. 5 km West
B. 5 km North-East
C. 7 km East
D. D. 7 km West
Answer: B

Directions: (Question no. 88 & Question 
No. 89): Choose the Correct option for given classes

88. Men, Woman, Human, Beings
Answer: D
89. Doctors, Lawyers, Professionals
Answer:  D

90. Select the option to replace? in Problem Figure to continue the pattern. Problem Figure

Answer: C

91. Consider the following statements.
A real gas obeys perfect gas law at very
1. High temperatures
2. High pressures
3. Low pressures
Which of these Statements is/are correct ?
A. 1 alone
B. 1 and 3
C. 2 alone
D. 3 alone
Answer: B

92. Which one of the following is correct?
The soecific volume of water when heated from 0oC
A. first increases and then decreases
B. first decreases and then increases
C. increases steadily
D. decreases steadily
Answer: B

93. Two blocks which are at different states are brought into contact with each other and allowed to reach a final state of thermal equilibrium. The final temperature attained is specified by the
A. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
B. First Law of Thermodynamics
C. 2nd Law of thermodynamics
D. 3rd Law of Thermodynamics
Answer: B

94. A composite wall consists of two layers of different materials having conductivities K1 and K2 For equal thickness of the two layers. the equivalent thermal conductivity of the slab will be
A. K1 + K2
B. K1 K2
C. (2K1K2)/(K1 + K2)
D. (K1 + K2)/(K1 K2)

95. The presence of nitrogen in the products of combustion ensures that
A. Complete combustion of fuel takes place
B. Incomplete combustion of fuel takes place
C. dry products of combustion are analysed
D. air is used for the combustion
Answer: C

96. Which one of the following is the most significant property to be considered in the selection of material for the manufacture of locating pins and drill jig bushes used in jigs and fixtures ?
A. Wear Resistance
B. Elasticity
C. Shear Strength
D. Tensile Strength
Answer: D

97. What term is used to designate the direction of the predominant surface pattern produced by machining operation?
A. Roughness
B. Lay
C. Waviness
D. Cit off
Answer: A

98. Steady State Heat flow implies
A. negligible flow of Heat
B. no difference of temperature between the bodies
C. constant heat flow rate i.e. heat flow rate independent of time
D. uniform rate in temperature rise of a body
Answer: C

99. What is the main shaft of an engine that controls the movement of piston ?
A. axle
B. drive shaft
C. crank shaft
D. cam shaft
Answer: C

100. For small and intricate castings the sand grains should be
A. fine
B. medium
C. coarse
D. rounded
Answer: A

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