ONGC Graduate Trainee 2012 Solved Paper [Memory Based]

ONGC Graduate Trainee 2012 Solved Paper [Memory Based]

ongc-2012-memory based-paper

Exam Details:

Post: Graduate Trainee

ONGC 2012 (HELD ON NOV 2012)

1. Ants go in line by secretion of- Train pheromones
2. Widal test is used to detect- Typhoid
3. An ordinance is valid withont approral of parliamenl:  6 week
4. Out of 8 north east- sikkim
5. Which city of fre world situated in two conhnents- istambul
6. Laslioy blood suger is done to detect: amount of glucose in blood
7. Blue control is anottan name of: coppensuiphate
8. Which contitutional artideees deals with power and duties of CAG of india : 149 and 150.
9. which famous poet was deeply affected by Tagore's geetenjali : yeats.
10 The eleation of nice president can be challarged before : SC of indian
11. Badami cover are made during period of : Chalukya

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