ONGC Graduate Trainee 2013 Solved Paper [Memory Based]

ONGC Graduate Trainee 2013 Solved Paper [Memory Based]

ongc-2013-memory based-paper

Exam Details:

Post: Graduate Trainee
Exam date: 22 January 2014

ONGC 2013 (Held on 22 Jan 2014)

1. What does entomology study- insect 
2. Founder of Maurya empire- Chandra Gupta
3. When was Sahitya academy established- 1954
4. Santosh trophy related to- Football
5. Best film Award in film fare award 2013- Barfi
6. When was Indian national congres founded- 1885
7. What can be maximum strength of Rajya sabha- 250
8. Who led foundation of indian national movement along with the formation of indian arociation at culcutte in 1876- Sutendranath Banarjee
9. Founden of bhararrar geet- surdar
10. Who has been named as all indian federetion player of 2013- Sunil Chhetri
12. Which soil is called as regur- Black soil
13. Kohime is capital of- Nagaland
14. Auther of Godan- Munshi premchand 
15. Chairman of drafting committee of constituent assembly- B.R.Ambedksn
16. Baba budan hills famous for- coffee 
17. Where is Manas tiger reserve- Assam
18. When was wirten oilmpics 2014 held- Sochi
19. Largest state (Area wise)- Rajsthan 
20. Ankalenhwar is famous for petroleum.
21. SahityaAcademy Yuva puraskar 2013 in konkani yogeni borker
22. Sherds act related to- child marriage
23. Merlin Award is given in tle filled of- Magic
24. First atomic plant in India- Tarapur
25. Chairman of NABARD - Harsh kumar bhanwala
26. who elect Lok sabha speaker- member of Lok sabha
27. winner of Macau open badminton 2013- P V Sindhu
28. Balaghat mines situated in - MP
29. Author of Devdas- Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay
30. who was worshiped by Indus valley civilization - Pashupati
31. who invented X-Ray - William roentgen
32. when was Vijay Nagar kingdom established - 1336
33. unit of power - watt
34. in which century Chola kingdom declined - 13th 
35. hardest part of the human body - enamel
36. birth place of munshi premchand- lamhi (UP)
37. Sahitya academy main award 2013- Mridula Garg
38. unit of distance - meter
39. when was Bengal partitioned -1905
40. cv Raman was given Nobel in -1930 

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