Currencies of the Countries in news


Questions from this Static GK topics are frequently asked in most of the competitive exams like Railway, Banking, SSC, ESE, PSUs and State level Competition of recruitment. Generally, currencies of those countries are frequently asked which are in news. So here we are sharing a list of those important currencies which are in the recent news. You can find questions of this topic in each shift ongoing RRB NTPC exams. Mostly these countries are in news due to their present bilateral improvement in relation with INDIA Or visit of Their Head of the countries in India or Visit of Indian PM to these countries. These General Competition PDF Notes help you to score in the upcoming exam.


List of Countries with their currencies in News:

Canada- Canadian dollar-Ottawa
Bangladesh- Bangladeshi taka
UK- British pound
Germany- Euro
Japan - Yen
China- Yuan
South Korea- Won
Ukraine- Ukranian hryvnia
North Korea- Won
France- Franc
Pakistan- Pakistani rupee
Sri Lanka- Sri Lankan rupee
Russia- Ruble
Guinea- Franc
Bhutan – Bhutanese ngultrum and Indian rupee
Columbia- Peso
Israel- New shekel
USA- Dollar
Egypt - Pound
Vetican City- Euro
Lithuania- Litas
Syria- Pound
Spain- Euro
Malawi- Kwacha
Belarus- Ruble
Kazakhastan- Tenge
Mauritius – Mauritian rupee
Thailand- Thai baht
Qatar- Riyal
Moldova- Leu
Georgia- Lari

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