RRB NTPC 10 April 2016 Questions & Answers

 RRB NTPC Online Exam Question & Answers of 10 April 2016 exam

 GK / GS / GA Questions of Today 3rd Shift Exam of RRB NTPC CBT:

Q. BCCI cricketer of the year 2015?
Ans: Virat Kohli

Q. Red fort of Agra built by?
Ans: Akbar

Q. Who is Maharashtra Tiger’s Ambassador?
Ans: Amitabh Bachchan

Q. M.A chidambaram trophy best woman cricketer 2015?
Ans: Mithali Raj

Q. Which acid is helpful in human body for digestion?
Ans: Gastric Acid (HCL)

Q.Who has right to issue financial Emergency?
Ans. President

Q. largest cell in human body is?
Ans: Ovum

Q. Impured Blood if carried by?

Q. First Human heart transplant was performed at?
Ans: South Africa in 1967

Q. Study of Humans is called?
Ans: Anthropology

Q. Goa was liberated from Portugal by which movement?
Ans: Goa Liberation Movement

Q. Saurology is the study of?
Ans: The study of lizards

Q. ISRO full form?
Ans: Indian Space Research Organisation

Q. What is the age of Retirement of the judge of Supreme Court?
Ans: 65

Q. Who has power to declare financial emergency ?
Ans: President

Q. DVD full form is ?
Ans: Digital Versatile Disc

Q. Mahabodi Temple is located at?
Ans: Bodh Gaya.

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