RRB NTPC CBT 9 April 2016 Questions & Answers

RRB NTPC CBT 9 April 2016 Questions & Answers

Railway Recruitment Board Successfully conducted NTPC online exams at various centers all over India. Today exam is in only one shift that is 3rd  shift. After successful completion of 10 days of exams from 28th march 2016 onward till 7 April 2016. It is almost clear about the pattern of Online exams for graduate level post by RRBs . 
Today is exam on only 3rd shift, same schedule will be continue tomorrow ie third shift only. Future exams preparing Candidates are requested to go through these online exam pattern and level of question. So that it will be of great help for your upcoming exams.

GK / GS /GA Questions Asked in Today RRB NTPC 2016 online Computer Based Test

Q. study of spider is called?
A. Arachnology

Q.Study of map is called?
A: cartography

Q.where is Indira Gandhi tulip garden located?
A: srinagar

Q.What is unit of pressure?
A: pascal

Q.who was the considered as first programmer?
A: Ada Lovelace

Q.Which is the state with lowest population density?
A: sikkim

Q.Where 2016 Olympics will be held ?
A. Brazil

Q.amalgam is mixture of metal with which substance?
A- Hg

Q.which of the following is not an inert gas ?
A- d)H

Q.capital city of Arunachal Pradesh?
A. Itanagar

Q.kanha national park or national sanctuary could not recognise is in which state ?
A. Madhya Pradesh

Q.Where is Indira Gandhi Botanical Garden located?
A: Rae Bareli

Q.Source of Narmada river?
A. Amarkantak

Q. Minimum age to become Prime minister of India?
A. 25 years.

Q.First Indian who went into the space?
A. Rakesh Sharma.

Q.SONAR stands for?
A. Sound Navigation And Ranging.

Q.What is the logo of Make in India ?
A. Moving Lion.

Q.Make in India logo was designed by which company?
A. Foreign Form, Oregon.

Q.Current Captain of indian women's Hockey Team?
A- Ritu Rani

Q. World aids day ?

A- Dec 1

Q. Summer Olympic 2016 held in ?

A- Rio de Janeiro

Q.2015 Nobel Prize for literature?

A- Svetlana Alexievich

Q. Which is first unmanned satellite launched by ISRO??

A- Chandrayaan-1

Q. Which country won maximum number of oscar awards?

A- Italy

Q. Capital Of Andhara Pradesh?

A- Amaravati

Q. Hindi Diwas?

A- 14 September

Q. Full Form of RLWL?

A- Remote location waiting list

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