RRB NTPC 2 April 2016, 3rd Shift Question Answer

RRB NTPC 02-04-2016, 3rd Shift Question Answer

Online CBT Memory Based Question-Answer

Q. Shiva Ayyadurai what invented?
Ans. E-mail

Q. Solid iodine color

Ans. Purple

Q. Golden temple situated which river

Ans: Rabi

Q. 2016 world economic From summit Held On

Ans: Davos (Switzerland)

Q. 1st Nobel prize in literature

Ans: Sully Prudhomme (French)


Q. Last Mauryan dynasty


Q. Jayakwadi Dam on which river

Ans: Godavari

Q. Where the Indian flag hoisting by defense minister of India in 2016?

Ans: Pahari mandir(Ranchi)

Q. Ph value below 7

Ans: Acidic

Official Solved Paper:

RRB NTPC 2016 April 02, Shift-3 Official Question available in PDF format. Download through below link.

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